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So, this past week has seen all the parties state what they would do about local tax if they are in government after May 5th, or did they?

Ruth Davidson’s Tories don’t seem to have said anything except that it would be bad not to give those in the 40p tax bracket the added £2000 to limit where starting to pay the 40p begins. From what I can see the SNP are only going to raise that threshold by £387, the rate of inflation. By sticking with what the Tory chancellor has announced, Ruth would lose Scotland an income of £120 million in the next financial year and £350 million come 2012/2022 (apparently)

Willie Rennie can only say “pathetically timid” (well Willie would know about pathetic right enough). All he recommends is raising everyone’s tax by a penny. Anyone remember how it all worked out the last time someone mentioned a penny tax?

As for Scottish Labour – Kezia’s in charge mind! She is going to set us a new tax based on the value of our house. Don’t know about your house, but ours is worth a LOT more than it was when last evaluated. That is going to cost us a lot more local tax then and just as we are looking to becoming old age pensioners in a few years. Kezia is also going to cost us tax payers an estimated £8.5 million pounds to tell us the current value of our properties. Which budget is that going to come out of?

The SNP’s tax policy, as announced by Nicola, will keep people paying what they are paying at the moment. Okay, the higher earners are going to miss out on the cut being given elsewhere in the UK but as this apparently works out at a sweetie of £323 in the next financial year is that not something that could be affordable? You were expecting to pay that out anyway so would you miss it? Would you not be happy to see that go on your services without you having to dig deep and find that money? I guess the way you vote on the 5th of May will tell us what you think.

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  1. The dug can say whatever comes into her head Labour will never have to put a budget together, until they put their party together. Wee Wullie pathetic is right, Ruth, will play the Unionist game as ever with little though of what is good for Scotland. We have’t gotten these powers yet, and when you see what has happened over the last month, a budget that fell apart, ministers resigning, Cameron on his way out, and may not last as leader until June, the troubles in Europe, disastrous foreign polices. Brings to mind the lyrics of an old song “Rip it up and start again”. Yes I will be voting for Nicola, only wish we had voted YES to independence.

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