I have finally had enough. In the paper today it is announced that yet another SNP MP is being investigated because someone has made a complaint to the Westminster standards commissioner. Does nobody mention that there are many people being looked at by the standards commissioner from all parties? Might have something to do with the archaic system they have. If the paper work is written in the same ancient language as their practises then is it any wonder they need someone to guide those filling up the forms.

It seems the left hand side of the first page of the Herald is kept solely for yet another smear story on the SNP. How many man hours are spent by the opposition parties seeking out what they then twist into an SNP bad story? More importantly, how much of the public purse is used to pay the people inventing these stories and then to carry out ‘investigations’?

While I am having this little rant. How much of the monies available to the Scottish parliament are being frittered away on public enquiries that are shouted for by the unionist parties when things don’t go their way? How many enquiries are ongoing at the moment?

Last time I looked it was an accepted practise to invest any spare money you had in property. So long as that property has been obtained through the normal legal process, what is the problem? I never had enough spare cash to be able to do this, does that mean I should make life hell for those who can?

We have long asked that our parliamentarians come from a background out with politics. We complained that too many politicians start in school and university and bring no useful background in  real life to the debating chamber and the forming of government policy. Let us stop nit picking on people’s real life experiences before entering politics before we scare them off and end up back with those bred into politics. We need broad life experience in our parliaments. If these people have committed no crime, leave their social conscience to themselves. Where did the big donors that bank roll the Conservative and the Labour party make their money? Pot, kettle, black spring to mind.

Let’s get on with the real campaigning and keep a sharp eye on what is going on regards the European referendum. That could well be a major game changer for Scotland.


  1. Westminster is Westminster is Westminster you will never change that, the SNP is the first party to go down to Westminster and not wish to become part of the Westminster establishment, climb the greasy pole, and join the gravy train this is what is giving the media a headache. Crying SNP/Bad clearly has not worked and nether will mud slinging, you only have to see what has become of the once great Labour party in Scotland to see that. If we are causing the unionist media to attack us in this way then we must be doing something right. Lets just keep up pressure on friends, family members and workmates that were too afraid to vote Yes, then and only then will independence be that bit nearer.

  2. I understand that, with the deepest Irony, this complaint was made by a Liberal Democrat MP, and, other than perhaps a Technical infringement, has no merit whatsoever!

    Should this be the case, who should bear the expense of such an investigation, if found to be frivolous and contentious is there any reprimand to the Complainer and is it given the same coverage in Parliament and the Press?

    I hae ma doots!!!

    1. Was it not a LibDem candidate? Anyway, you’re quite right. We, the public, should not be paying for enquiries etc as a result of political games.

    2. Just one of those things we have to ensure in the name of political integrity. If you started making them pay for investigations into complaints then no one would make them thus putting integrity at serious risk of being abused.

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