Let us show some Humanity

What is the hostility to taking refugees into the UK? Today I have heard all sorts of excuses, some of the most pathetic were “well we know some of them are criminal gangs, we don’t want them” and “we can’t afford to keep our own people so why should we keep them?”.

Basically we are far too well off and far too comfortable on this European Island. We simply cannot connect to these people who are having to flea their own countries to survive. Why else would you risk taking babies and toddlers on such dangerous journeys unless you really had no hope in your own land?

The pictures on the news at lunchtime of refugees finally being able to board trains in Budapest gave me hope for all of a few seconds. Some sick past sense as they closed the train doors, as many more people were trying to board, reminded me of many situations I have read about. Right enough, in the next phrase the reporter announced that the train was stopped some 25 miles down the track and the police in full riot gear tried to get the refugees to get off the train to be processed and taken to a transit camp. Did this ring alarm bells with anyone else?

Just the other day I heard on the morning radio Scotland discussion a right wing (possibly UKIP but can’t swear) person state that we in Scotland knew nothing about the levels of migrants they have to cope with. Once we had to tolerate the levels of migrants they had to then perhaps he would start to listen to what we had to say.

Well, to that person I say send some of these refugees to Scotland. We will welcome them as we have in the past. Those who have come before have chosen to stay (unless deported by UK government) and have integrated well here. They have played their part in growing our economy. Send us more refugees. Allow them the possibility to work and pay back our generosity. We have room and we welcome their skills and their willingness to become part of our society.

To those who think we can’t afford to take these people in. Take a look around. We have space. Feeding them? Look in your shopping trolley, how much of that do you REALLY need. If the UK Home Office changed the rules a wee bit the refugees could be earning their keep. Where, oh where, has the humanity of the Scots gone? I believe it has not gone far. It’s just a few loud people who protest too much.

It seems only fair that as the UK and US governments helped create the disorder in their countries, in our name, that we help out until these countries can get back to being a safe place for these people to bring their children up in.


  1. I know of genuine refugees already in this country that the Home Office isn’t exactly showing any kindness too and only within the last week there was a report in the press of a Canadian couple (husband English, wife Canadian) who were married in1966 with family and grandchildren and the HO were rejecting the wife on grounds that they were not in a legitimate relationship. The question arising is then ‘are the Home Office fit for purpose?’ Or is it a quota driven organisation staffed by minions themselves in fear of their own jobs?

  2. Absolutely bring them here. This is simple humanitarianism. Cameron please note.

  3. Not enough room in our small country, only around 2% of land is built upon so there is plenty of room for all, what we need is the political will to put in the funds to make sure that not only the people living here but those we wish to invite here are properly housed and the infrastructure put in place, water, electricity, schools, hospitals. It can be done. We and many countries across Europe had a greater task of putting our countries back together again after the devastation of the second world war, this is child’s play in comparison. And less we forget many of these people seeking asylum here will have skills, skills that we need, doctors, plumbers, carpenters, engineers. Some have travelled great distances under adverse circumstances to get into Europe, such people are doers, with ambition, self starters, just what our country needs, and they are not going to land here then sit on their bums awaiting hand-outs. Would America have become the nation that it has become if our forefather has not been just the type of people that are now coming into Europe? Put aside prejudice and welcome these people with open arms, they could be the making of a Scotland.

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