The day had come. I had waited 43 years to see this play. Being 13 at the time I was just too young to go see it. It had a lot to live up to. I had heard about it over the years from many who had seen it on the very first tour. I was attending this updated production with my other half who had seen the original production at an S.N.P. conference. Many of the then upcoming actors in the production had gone on to be well known quality actors. Could this new production live up to what had become an iconic memory?Read More →

The S.I. over many years has offered S.N.P. branches a discount if they take the paper to sell to their members. The paper is not here to make profit but to get the independence message out there and to give members ammunition to persuade the public to vote the right way. We offer a 20% discount on every paper sold. That means the branch charges £1.50 and the S.I. invoices them for £1.20. That’s 30p per paper going into branch funds. The more you sell the more money you get for the branch. If you would like to take advantage of this offer or wantRead More →

Following two sell-out performances, a third and final event takes place at the Saltire Society’s Edinburgh Old Town Headquarters this week. 45 years since first taking to the stage, Wednesday the 19th August could be your last chance to meet the original Heretics as they hand over to a new generation of writers and musicians. Committed to promoting the poetry and music of Scotland’s living tradition, The Heretics first appeared in 1970. They gave an early platform to future household names including Billy Connolly, Aly Bain and Liz Lochhead. It will be an opportunity to see the original Heretics hand over the baton to aRead More → Episode 1   Episode 2   Episode 3    Episode 4    Episode 5    Episode 6        Read More →