Double Crossed

Not so long ago I seem to remember the unionists criticising the S.N.P. for wrapping themselves in the Saltire as though this was a bad thing to do. Fast forward to this past week when the Scottish Conservatives have changed their logo. They have attempted to use the Saltire while trying to keep it incorporated in the Union Flag (please note flag, not jack!). Two shades of blue slashes with a slash of red. Rather obviously this has been named the double cross logo. Were P.R. or design people paid for this?


What’s in a Name?

Meanwhile poor Jim Murphy just cannot keep up with the moving times. He is pre-empting that if a Scottish shipyard is closed it will be all the fault of the Referendum debate on Scottish Independence. That Portsmouth will be the obvious choice to keep open as it will be the only one still in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (to give the full title). Jim, there will be no U.K, it will have to be renamed in its new form. Oh…….and what was the excuse when the U.K. government closed our other yards over the years???


Bypass News

For those of us living to the north of Aberdeen the announcement of the start of the western peripheral bypass route was greatly welcomed. While it has been delayed through all the appeal processes by the protestors the time it takes to get through Aberdeen has doubled on some days. I am sure the people of Aberdeen will welcome the reduction in traffic as warmly as we will appreciate not having to sit in endless queues which can lengthen the journey by as much as 45 minutes.


Independent Union

Also this week the S.T.U.C. has refused to back either side in the Referendum. Did the Labour Party really expect the unions to bankroll their part in the Better Together Campaign? S.T.U.C. General Secretary Grahame Smith commented on the interim report of the consultation they have been conducting on social justice the future of Scotland. He said “…The report identifies deep problems with the economic and fiscal model imagined by the leading voices in the Yes campaign. However, it also calls on the Better Together parties to outline a practical vision of how social and economic justice can be achieved within the Union and calls for detailed attention to be paid to proposals for enhanced devolution”. Given the totally negative campaigning so far on behalf of the Better Together parties, are we holding our breath?


Spread the Word

As part of the Independence conversation, that has been going on far longer than the one Alex Salmond started, the Board of the Scots Independent newspaper have been spreading the word. Thanks to our subscribers’ donations the newspaper is sent, FREE of CHARGE, to council libraries, secondary school libraries and modern studies departments. Sadly we are receiving calls from one or two of them requesting we stop sending it despite the fact that they are getting it for nothing. The schools on the main are using it and grateful to be receiving quality literature free in this challenging time to their budgets. If you have any friends or family members studying for modern studies exams perhaps you could encourage them to ask for the Scots Independent newspaper at their school. After all it is only providing the balance of the argument given by the other papers.

We are actively meeting refusal to put out the paper in council libraries in some areas. Again can we ask that you encourage friends and family to ask for our publication in your local library? The excuse given is that it is a politically biased newspaper, while they openly display the New Statesman (£182 subscription per year) and Private Eye (£40 subscription per year) which are paid for using money raised through the Council Tax. The Scots Independent Newspaper is sent free and costs them nothing. Fact….we are an independent newspaper, funded by NO political party, and the only one which supports the views of those who support Scottish Independence. If you can send feedback on your experience to we would greatly appreciate it.