Onwards and upwards…………..still!

This past week has been huge. Not that you would have seen that from the traditional media. For those of us who live too far from the central belt to attend things, we have really appreciated social media and those who used it to share events with us. The vibrancy from George Square in Glasgow last week just jumped out of the screens at us. Seeing the event from many different people’s vantage points helped to show us just how huge the event was. I still wonder that the community square, in what Scottish Labour consider to be their heartland, has played such a momentous part in the surging forward of Scotland.

Those polls. I saw on facebook this morning a map of Scotland turned totally yellow. I ignore polls, of any description. I also saw a poster that said “Stay focused Scotland. Nothing’s been achieved, nothing’s been won. Polls aren’t votes……………….and there’s work to be done.” No-one can slow up and think they have done enough till polls close on Thursday. If you can volunteer even a small amount of time on polling day to chap doors, drive voters to polling station, provide soup, sandwiches, refreshments, then contact your local SNP branch, constituency, hub or councillor to offer your assistance.

This Westminster election is unique. Never has Scotland and the S.N.P. had so much coverage on the British media. The S.N.P. vote seems to be on a steamroller going downhill with no breaks. It just keeps gathering momentum. I am black and blue with pinching myself.  I sincerely hope that we do deliver a lot of S.N.P.  M.P.’s  to Westminster next week. If we don’t I for one will never forgive the voters of Scotland for chickening out.