I am becoming increasingly alarmed at how good the opinion polls are for us.  The have been very good, brilliant indeed, but I have dreadful thoughts  centred on Neil Kinnock in the General Election in 1992.  He had addressed a rapturous Labour Conference and then been defeated by an unassuming Tory, John Major, wandering around with a soap box.


I know social media was non existent at that time, but opinion polls do not get put in the Ballot Box.  We must work to canvass, identify our vote and get them out on polling day.  Hard work will be essential; I remember 2008 when  the SNP fought the Glenrothes by election;  there was no sign of Labour on the ground all through that election,  or even much obvious activity on polling day.  As far as I  know Labour thought they had lost it when they arrived at the count, and were astounded at how well they had performed.


The disappearance of the marked up register within weeks of the result has never been explained.  I don’t recall ever hearing about that before.


Dirty tricks?