The Newspaper at Glasgow

Ian set up and waiting to speak to delegates

Due to the large numbers of delegates to campaign conference this year we were decamped to the barn that is the S.E.C.C. in Glasgow. It certainly had space for the delegates but the very big downside was the layout. The stalls were separated from the speaking hall by a curtain. The delegates in the arena complained of noise from the stall space and then they complained about not being able to speak easily in the stall space because of the noise from the arena. I know I used a lot of paracetamol.

The purpose of a campaign conference is to rally the troops and send them away ready and desperate to campaign. This usually involves lots of loud speakers, loud speeches, very loud music. Many a hearing aid gave up the ghost and their batteries drained. Note to S.N.P., please put something solid between the people who are there to talk to your delegates, and the main arena.

Despite the S.E.E.C. staff sending the delegates across the top of the stall space into the arena, some delegates did manage to stray off the instructed path and wander round the stalls. We met lots of new delegates to inform them about the newspaper and how it works. Many new delegates and members really keen to learn as much as they could. As always at S.N.P. conferences, lots of stories to be shared.

We also shared business cards for this new style website so we hope to see some stats that show people are coming by to look. Would be even better if some comments were left for us to moderate and make live. 🙂 The iron bru flavoured saltire sweeties went down a treat with those allowed to have them. For those asking if we were selling them, we have taken note for autumn conference so be sure to come find us.

Thanks you to everyone, old customers and new, who came by to support us. We will see you all again in the autumn, meantime you can get your books etc online here in our shop.


  1. Yes I agree it was not a great venue, dark as a dungeon with poor lighting. I saw nothing of the stage only the head of the woman in fronts, I even had to kink my head to see the screens. Lets sell a few more tickets and book the Hydro in autumn.

    1. When we saw the hall set up on the Friday evening we did wonder how the delegates would fair in being able to see. Still, if we all give them feedback they can try and address it for autumn. The mass membership took everyone by surprise 🙂

  2. Great to see comments.

    SECC not the easiest place to use, but the price of success

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