Time for Grown-Up Politics

Thank goodness that this week has seen the last of Prime Minister’s Questions, for the next few weeks at least. I heard William Hague being asked what it was like each Wednesday before going into the chamber. What got me (apart from all the stupid public school nonsense they insist on) was the amount of time that government employees spent preparing for a half hour slanging match in which virtually nothing is achieved. All time that I am sure could be put to much better use doing something constructive for the people of the United Kingdom’s of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


All we hear in the media these days is the unionist leaders all arguing about who will be the chosen one to be Alex Salmond’s pet plaything. Each one claims not to want to be the chosen one but doesn’t want any of the others to be chosen either. Do none of them realise that the S.N.P. has a track record of not joining the pack?  They are quite adept at remaining the smaller group and bargaining for things they really want to change in return for supporting issues the unionist parties want.


It would appear that the S.N.P. are the responsible adults these days, while the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems are locked in the nursery school throwing their toys at each other. The S.N.P. have learned hard lessons over the years and seem to be the party that most of the electorate want to listen to. Many English voters have had better access of late to what Nicola has had to say. They not only like what she has to say but they also like her style. A style and substance that seems to be scaring the public school boys in Westminster. They seem not to know what to do with this wee, sassy, classy, intelligent woman who runs rings round them and refuses to play their silly games.


It is hard to believe that it’s been six months now since the referendum. Everyone on the No side seemed to think they could just close the door, turn around and go back to how things were. Well, keep your blinkers on at your peril boys and girls. This past week has seen the membership of the S.N.P. climb to over 100,000. Canvassing and street work is showing an increase long term supporters of unionist parties declaring ‘enough’, no more will they continue to vote for parties that won’t stand up for them and renege on election promises. How I hope that we can keep up the work rate and increase the number of S.N.P. M.P.s after May. Dave, Ed and Nick might just get their wish and have Mr Salmond back on the green benches. I’m not sure they are going to like it though.


On a footnote can I just comment on another remarkable thing that happened this week. I would like to applaud Jonathan Stanley for showing he has principles. He resigned from U.K.I.P. for what he called “open racism and sanctimonious bullying” within the party. Could it be that some others may follow suit?