There’s only one way

Another Scottish Unionist takes up a seat in the house of Lords. This results in a Moray tory MSP slipping in from the Highland region list. This is the person who, when a tory Councillor, described things like free school meals as wee treats. I’ll bet he has never stood behind a young parent in a shop and saw them asking the assistant to take back some basic items. I have seen it in my village shop.

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting your MP at Westminster? The dining room is full of people who get to claim expenses, getting top quality subsidised meals. Given the salary they get, travel and accomodation expenses, why do they need subsidised meals?

We pay those in the House of Lords over £300 per day, just to turn up. They don’t even have to stay and work. Just sign in and leave.

Today I read there’s a wee cabal of Unionist Lords and Ladies who are working hard. Working hard at finding how to deprive Scotland of money. They claim The Scottish parliament has no right to spend money on looking at how to better conditions for their people.

Apparently it has been okay all these years to waste money in the Scotland office, stopping Scotland getting any improvements.

We need rid of an unelected chamber with no accountability. We need rid of the people who think this is a good idea.

There’s only one way to do this. We ordinary people need to take control.