Rough Justice No Justice

Well round one and the courts have ruled no Independence attempts at any cost, or similar!  But, as we all know, justice isn’t exactly what the scales portray.  The very heart of democracy lies in good governance.  Good governance relies on fair justice.  Unfortunately, we now have a system, throughout the UK, where only deep pockets buy equality of fairness.

Courts supply a voicing of grievances, highlighting the process of legal speak which most find bewildering.

More bewildering sometimes are those chosen by their peers to judge the courts, with their wigs and gowns, high office can open many doors.  While the rest of us sit outside looking in.

The Scottish people did not have a voice in those days of deep division, the verdict was based on some archaic law or laws which frankly need revising.  Making the Scales of Justice just a bit unbalanced, in favour of what was discussed in a private club behind closed doors.

The Scottish legal system prides itself as a model to be admired.  But models become outdated and have no resemblance to real life. Independence, and the right to at least vote,is a civil right, hard fought for, but the basis of a modern society.

The antiquated rules we live by do not reflect that.  The Dust Ferrets of the House of Lords have little appetite for an Independent Scotland, how dare we. However, as we see our European neighbours fight for their rights, and their lives, against the Totalitarian Putin, we know that our day and our fight may not cause bloodshed, but the rough justice we have endured can be overcome. It’s so much better than no justice at all as we see nightly the bodies of those who were once like us only a few months ago, fighting for survival.  We need those who understand the value of life and liberty to be brave and just let us go. Then real justice will have been done.  We need no martyrs, we just need common sense, and it’s free!