Pomp, Ceremony, and Common Sense

This week saw the service of thanksgiving in Edinburgh for King Charles and Queen Camilla. The UK has already spent well over £100 million on the State Coronation. Now we are to have more pomp, ceremony, and dressing in ancient style clothing. He is to be offered the jewels of Scotland and a brand-new sword at extortionate cost. The jewels and the sword will be kept under lock and key in the castle where the tourists may have the privilege of ogling them.

The Lord Lyon was asked on Tuesday if it was fair that so much pomp and ceremony should be taking place, at such great cost, when the King’s people were struggling financially. His answer was to the effect that occasions like these can help the people forget their hardships for a small period. If you leave out all the drivel of the broadcasters, it’s approximately 2 ½ hours. It will probably run late. I am struggling to find a source as to the cost.

It is about time these events, if really required, should be cut to a swearing of the oath. A bit like a civil wedding ceremony.

On the other hand, Mhairi Black has showed basic common sense. She is accurate in her description of the Westminster Halls of government. I have seen people I know change. The poison slowly seeps into them, and they start to play the game, possibly without realising. It is difficult to heed all your principles when the system, the rules of the game, are designed to force you to play their way. There are so many archaic practices that must be carried out before you can participate in debate, and you can forget getting things changed to favour the Scottish people.

Once again, the Boundaries commission has been messing around with the size of constituencies for the UK elections. I haven’t seen the map, but I have seen the branches that will be in the new constituency. We have gone from a very long coastal area, which is already a very long drive to get anywhere, to having an additional 3 rural branches inland and 4 voters from a 4th branch area.

The only good thing about all this nonsense is it is causing people to attend meetings and independence supporting events. We got a fair few unionists rattled at our street stall last Saturday.