When doctors differ

When doctors differ patients die, much can be compared when those fighting for independence do the same.  We now have more keyboard warriors than activists in the field it seems and it’s become a feeding frenzy for the media and our detractors in Westminster.  We may be a broad church, but we only have one aim, so why is all this catastrophe happening, and what will galvanise the troops?

The first consideration is if this is truly about Alba trying to destroy the SNP, as we are reading in the media, then it’s time to talk.  There are many in both camps reasonable and passionate people.  However, if there is a revenge motive, then we may as well just lie back and think of might what have been.  

We have kids sitting in Scotland with their Mums watching Dad on TV fighting for their existence in Ukraine, a country who fought for their independence, and had grown from the slaughter of World War Two.  However, they were always looking over their shoulder at the ongoing bully tactics of Putin and his predecessors. We are not in that situation, no matter how twisted the Westminster Nat attacks are, we are not ever to nurse hatred to deaths of our neighbours.

But to coexist with those we differ finding common ground is the starting point.  Many years ago some of us from different Parties got together and founded the Independence Convention, we got a real cross section of Scottish society to support the shared vision of Independence.  Somehow, after 2014 it faded just when we should have continued the plans.  

Alex resigned, which arguably made the defeat conclusive.  Nicola was left to not only pick up the Party but to pick up Scotland, and far from abusing her, she actually kept us over the 50% mark.  Which frankly has been remarkable.  But her resignation has created a vacuum the media and detractors are loving.  What is considerably more damaging to us all is the Social Media postings by those who pose as us, but actually are anti independence trolls, and worse, some cling to them and agree, doing the job of the Tories and Labour and giving them hope.  We must never show them the fear in our eyes or give them any hint of hope.

Pro Independence Parties like the Greens are fundamental to bring in a new generation of support, for those who disagree, then again we have to work through these concerns in a grown up, mature way.  Which is why the proposed Independence Convention should work, but only if there is a mutual respect, and the will to work towards that goal we all crave.  It can’t be done in isolation.

So when we within the Independence movement differ, we should always remember, as our differences chips away, the movement we have all worked so hard for, starts to linger and die. So rather than bury the corpse, it’s time to resuscitate and start to live as though the prognosis is positive, that the second opinion is good, and we can “brithers be for a’ that.”