On the Shoulders of Legends

Many people like to think they are legends, though many don’t really measure up to the meaning. This week, however, we gathered to celebrate the life of one who truly was.

If you were active in the independence movement at all, you will have met this man. Allan Angus was everywhere. He was for many years the Scots Independent agent for Aberdeen SNP and we are extremely grateful for the time he donated to sell our newspaper and spread the knowledge that independence is something we can achieve.

He was known throughout the whole of Scotland as a campaigner. When the NE campaign bus visited by elections around the country, Allan was probably on it. If you were ever a delegate to National Council meetings or to the conferences, you  have probably heard him speak or been in his company. When at these meetings, if there was an election in the area, he would be at the head of the queue to collect some work to do over lunchtime.

He was active in many groups that were connected to supporting independence. I once made the mistake of going to the post Bannockburn Rally gathering. I was out of the way of dancing as the other half doesn’t dance. Allen was the complete opposite, he never sat down. He went around the hall inviting women and girls to dance. It was some sight. His love of Scottish dancing was shared at every ceilidh he attended.

For those of you who were unable to travel due to the distance and the timing, fear not. There was a very large gathering, a lot of humour and a lot of stories shared. The family were so happy that so many were able to share their dad, grandad, great grandad with them.

Can I just finish by commenting that if our keyboard warriors, who like to create division, were 10% as active, positive, andgood humoured as Allen, maybe we might move forward a little quicker.