When you know Brexit was a disaster

With the whole of Westminster raising the problems in the NHS there are so many components being argued about.  But the main problem is lack of staff.  We could solve it by attracting back EU trained staff, but would they feel welcomed or just used.  They have already uprooted their families and their lives because of the uncertainties of Brexit, why would they risk coming back when they no longer have the security of the EU behind them.

There is also the fact that having used them for cheap labour for years, why should they tolerate the abuse for our benefit.  There are so many now saying they did not understand the problems Brexit would cause, just because now, it’s their lives who are being affected.  You cannot brutalise people, displace them and then say oh dear we made a mistake.  It was a cruel mistake from day one.  So many of us, and indeed Scotland, who said this is an error of monumental proportion.

Boris, the come back king, promised trillions of pounds for the NHS should the vote go his way.  Well Boris, as we all know, you are a space cadet who really should go back to your own galaxy.  In short, he lied, as too his cohorts within in the Tory movement but buffeted by many in other Parties. 

As many so called experts called at the time that this was an opportunity to grasp our future for ourselves, it appears those in the know had it right when they said the idea was political suicide, only the corpse is still dangling on the rope. 

Nobody wants this country to fail, U.K. wide, what we want is prosperity for everyone, but at the moments that prosperity is spread thin, and for those struggling to heat and eat, it’s a long way from reality. Being run by people who have never tasted poverty or want does not hold well for those of us struggling.  When supermarket boxes for food banks look decidedly empty, and so many relying on the donations , it’s really a poor show. 

The economy, the worst performing of all the top nations, is a disaster, not just for us, but for,those who rely on our trading.  Yet the preoccupation with power and not solutions weighs heavy on so many who feel helpless to do anything.  We want our country, Scotland to be successful and welcoming, there is no welcome mat at Dover just a begrudged statistic of victims of trafficking and so the promise to stop this abuse carries on, lost in the moaning about numbers entering the UK.  Well, sorry but your false promises has raised false dawns for now months if not years.  Duping the voters is one thing, but to carry on destroying our NHS and all public services seems a recipe for those who are too arrogant to admit failure.

How dare those public service workers strike.  How dare they try to bring in measures to stop them.  The solution’s too painful to admit, as backsliding, yet the Scrooge like revaluation of the situation has yet to hit.  Sir Keir Starmer said today his strategy has worked in the softly approach, that seems to be a euphemism for not rocking the boat, but with a poor opposition as we have in Scotland, it does not keep the government on its toes in Westminster but it does up here.  God bless Independence, may we succeed for all those who did not live to see it, yet spent decades fighting for it.  Nobody fought for Brexit, it was a lovely idea bred in the Home Counties to keep these nasty immigrants out.  Those immigrants being nurses, doctors, consultants, engineers and lowly fruit pickers, who fed us for years.  The hypocrisy lives on.  But one issue we cannot neglect is who will be the first EU citizen in Scotland come the revolution?  Please let it be me.