As London burns, the Tories fiddle

I’m not sure what planet they are on, but as they sit and congratulate themselves on reinvention yet again thousands sit freezing and hungry. Watching The Omen tonight it mentions “the devils child will rise up in the world of politics.”  The question is, which one?

There are many components to the destruction the Tories have inflicted on us all. Power, greed, revolution, diversion and – much worse – sheer blind ignorance.

To turn their backs on the deprived in the country, and in the last few weeks the number has multiplied,  without even questioning the incomprehensible mini budget which set the balls rolling towards fiscal meltdown.  Only rising in revolt when their own seats looked precarious.  This isn’t running a country, it’s about holding onto the the club membership which only allows the Flashman brigade to distribute their fear or favours to the fags who jump through the hoops of servitude.

So, for those politicians who don’t belong to the in crowd, what can they do to stop the runaway bus?  Very little without uniting and let’s face it, hell would have to freeze over first.  

Scotland knows how to solve the problem, independence, but fearing our success, the Westminster cabal in usual narcissistic revenge, will try any conceivable method to deceive the public at large about the hapless greedy Scots.

They don’t respect us, they may even be secretly, or not, happy to get rid of us, but whatever, they will never allow a vote unless we fight for our right to a referendum.  For our first battle is to actually get a vote long before we achieve Independence, it’s a long hard road ahead.  When the Titanic sank, very few in steerage survived, the First Class passengers had the advantage, however, we are not short of lifelines and we are not too wee or too poor, we don’t sit in the Palace’s equivalent of Third Class, but someone certainly needs to throw them life jackets.

But while London burns, and they fiddle with our economy, we can be preparing our most important mission, which is about taking the Scottish people with us, only then, with weight of numbers, will the fires be extinguished and we can dance to our own tune.