What’s in store now?

The 10 day period of enforced bereavement has culminated in a day of the most British of Britishness. It was a historic moment, the type our media like to hype to the maximum of our endurance. They tried hard to include things from the nations but sometimes the irony of their choices seemed to be beyond them. To me it all seemed rather rushed, every day another service or ceremony.

Announcing a public holiday was probably done with great intention, to allow those who wanted to line the streets or watch TV all day, the liberty to do so. In the real world though it works a little differently. Those who provide 24 hour service and care could not take the day off, will it be added to their public holiday entitlement to be taken at a later date? 

In this day and age many workers do not have permanent contracts with full employment protection. If their employer closed the business for the day of mourning, they simply would not be paid for that day. That’s a big hole in your budget when everything is increasing in price. Foodbanks were closed, places that help out the homeless by providing a hot meal were fewer than normal. What did they do with the homeless people who normally took refuge on the streets where the processions took place? These are things many people were concerned about, but mainstream media had no interest in finding out or telling us.

It’s all over now and a new Monarch has been imposed. It will be interesting to see how Charles III will conduct himself. Will he be his own man or will he simply follow establishment protocol?

Our new Prime Minister has been having a ball but you wouldn’t know it by her face. She has been very quiet. What has she been changing while the people have been distracted? We know she has been at every service during the mourning period but she is often alone. She never seems to be chatting with anyone. Very interesting that President Biden cancelled his meeting with her while he was over for the funeral.

Now all the historical pageantry has calmed down we will start to see what a new PM and a new Monarch will really mean. Has the future of our country been sealed?