Who is benefiting?

Thank goodness we have finally reached election day. Both Tory and Labour constantly getting air time for repetative anti SNP messaging. No idea what they intend to do for their local councils as what little policy they have spouted is not attainable by councils. Indeed some of what the Tories are spouting are only do-able by the Tory Westminster government.

Talking of which, Boris Johnstone has been unable to crow over his own war, so he seems to have hijacked the war in Ukraine and used language of the past which I am sure the Ukranian parlimentarians didn’t understand. I certainly hadn’t a clue! As for the tv interview when he was told the story of how an elderly, widowed pensioner was living. All he proved when answering was that he hadn’t a clue. He simply could not perceive the situation this lady was existing in.

On the same day as the above, Tuesday, we have BP announcing their financial position. First 3 months of this year they made triple what they did last year, and they still feel the need to massively increase our fuel bills. An energy advisor interviewed on Radio Scotland put to bed the excuses the Tories give for not taxing the big energy firms. Investment is decided, and money allocated, years in advance. What was announced today has taking into account what will be invested in the years to come. He also stated that BP could easily be putting some of that profit into helping reduce consumers bills. The bit that really got me was when he said that when companies start buying back shares from their shareholders, it says ‘we have so much money we don’t know what to do with it’. Someone’s getting shafted and it isn’t them. Shell expected to announce similar profits soon.

Who is benefiting? Certainly not us.