How Much More?

Each week you think you have seen and heard it all. Then you get to the next week and go “nope, there’s more”. I find the Prime Minister neither amusing, effective, sexy or indeed anything but an immense embarrassment. I’d go so far as imply he and his little gang are having more of a negative effect on the 4 nations mental health than covid 19 and the restrictions. I don’t think I have ever come across such a serial liar in my life.

It has been announced that Lady Mone is being investigated about her VIP tracking to get a PPE contract. What is becoming abundantly clear is that the Tories always get away with it because the system was built by the privileged for the privileged. Over the years it has not only been the Tories who have gained through the state. Labour members, Lib Dems, and I dare say one or two others have benefited. Westminster is a place that benefits those within over the people who elected the government.

I have visited a few times and the only visit where I did not feel oppressed was the starting point for the last leg of David Ross’s Walk for Wallace. The parliament was not sitting and we gathered in the Westminster Hall for speeches before walking to his execution site. There were absolutely no problems getting dirks, swords, muskets and pistols in through security. The swishing of swords being drawn from scabbards was a beautiful sound. Many of the police on duty were Scottish and fair enjoying the spectacle. 

It is high time the original Westminster became a museum. It is time for England to built a debating chamber solely for English matters. I dare say there is enough modern office space to cater for the staff. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have their parliaments, it is England that lags behind in their hell-bent pursuit of clinging onto what is left of their Empire.

Time to let go England. Discover your English pride and realise that you do have to work with other countries on an equal footing to benefit the needs of us all.