Dinosaurs Not Extinct

COP 26 has finished. On Tuesday Prince Charles and wife fly out to Jordon on first Royal Tour since our battle started with Covid 19. What happened to all his green talking at the COP? An unnecessary trip just so he can cement relationships with the Royal family in another country. A relationship that already exists and could be caught up with via phone or internet. They are really doing this to show that our Royal family are back to normal and that being British is great. The contrast between the younger generations at COP 26 and our British establishment was glaringly obvious. The younger generations keen to move things forward and look differently at how we do things. The Establishments of large countries desperate to keep things as they are. To protect their assets. Have you noticed that the smaller, forward-thinking countries have more women and younger people in power?

There has also been a lot of coverage in the mainstream media of behaviour. Racism, inappropriate physical behaviour and unacceptable behaviour by some politicians. All those accused are denying the accusations. I can’t help feeling that there is very little desire in certain areas of society to modernise their behaviour. The colonialists have always believed they can behave to others precisely how they like. Some believe only the privileged fall into this category. Remember, the privileged do not do their own dirty work. They rely on the willing lower classes to do that. Through carrying out the orders of their masters, the working class learn behaviour and language that allows them to distance themselves from the deeds they do.

I believe Scotland, as a country, came out of COP 26 well. I really feel for Alock Sharma. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of any Tory, but he was trying his best to chair the event and was constantly undermined by briefings from Westminster. Meanwhile the First Minister and her team were free to mingle with the delegates and world leaders. They were able to show that they are more interested in tackling global warming than Westminster. Contacts were made for the future.

In my opinion we will never move forward while dinosaurs are allowed to be in power. It has been proven, in the past few months particularly, that we cannot keep electing people to power simply because they have always been the MP/MSP. The people who do the electing need to pay more attention to why they are voting the way they do. If you want to change you need to vote for people who will talk the talk, not just rake in the benefits till the next election. I will continue to vote SNP until we get independence. Why? Because despite what the social media trolls say they are doing a decent job of improving the living conditions for the people of Scotland. Things can’t happen overnight, partly because debate has to take place with the opposition, and they need persuaded to allow changes. The current government has improved things for the people much more than their predecessors.

We need to ensure that we elect young, forward-thinking representatives that will help the current team continue to move forward. Let’s end the power of the dinosaurs.