What can be achieved?

Watching COP26, and the hypocrisy I suspect will be much discussed after the scheduled benefits.  We all have a duty to curtail emissions, but how many of us actually go through the motions.  I would love to buy an electric car and ditch my diesel, but try being a pensioner and asking for a bank loan! However, few of us have the world watching what we do and whether you’re a world leader, broadcaster or weel kent face, it’s hard to hide the differences yet hard not to be frustrated by the double standards of the wealthy nations dictating to the poor, we all may be suffering but some less than others, cushioned by the need to be green without the essence of greed.  

There are some who will make vast fortunes on green energy production for which Governments are happy to pay up. But the enthusiasm for change does exist and we should be grateful that we can endure what we decide in this country as part of the coming changes.  However, it’s not what we can do more or what we feel we need to do, it’s about analysing what we can achieve now, and reassuring the young we really do care about what we leave behind.  I hear people suggesting that the refuse strike in Glasgow is political, probably, but what it does highlight is just how much rubbish we are producing.  The rats are opportunists, and who can resist a free lunch.  Rats are actually intelligent wee beasties.  Unlike us they don’t just eat a McDonalds, they eat the packaging as well!  But rat infested streets don’t make good reading, and sadly they do spread disease.  This is only one byproduct of our daily lives, not just in the city.

We want independence to give us the freedom to make changes in every part of our lives.  With that comes responsibility, and that includes making a safe and secure environment for all, preferably, in all seriousness, without rats in our homes. The Border at the end of Scotland attached to England is not where the air pollution stops. Until we have a long and successful approach to not just climate change improvements, but to life enhancing modifications to our homes and transport, we live with the prospect of losing our island communities too, as well as toxic chemicals killing us off.  Covid could be nothing compared to what we may have to challenge in the future, and even the most robust denier has to admit, swimming through the Clyde tunnel is no joke.  

According to the professionals, Scotland could be exhibiting to the world what we need to do.  We have developed the technology, we can make our voice heard instead of moaning about Boris and crew, we need to rise above them and their daft ineffective policies.  Better to take the high moral ground than be drowning on no land at all. If COP26 is to succeed, we need to make sure we are prepared to show the world our Scotland is above head and shoulders the place to live, work and prosper in a healthier atmosphere and dare I say, in a carbon neutral independent place for our comfort and security, with the benefits long being enjoyed by those we leave behind.