Mid election period

We are 2 weeks from polling day. I have voted. It’s going to be a long wait now. 

Somehow I have managed to hear most of the main parties election launches listening to the radio while I work. There seems to be a heavy emphasis on how to fill in your voting papers. This could be construed as thinking we are stupid but I’ll err on the side of caution and assume it’s because there has been a big increase of first time postal voters

What about the council who sent out voting papers that did not include instructions as to what gets put in the boxes. Filling these in wrongly, or leaving blank, deprives you of your vote. Are they going to allow these spoilt voting papers to be counted or are they going to re-issue the ballot papers in corrected format.

As for policies. Apart from opposition to indepenence, much of the main parties suggestions are either in place or partially in place. The greens always like to think up something a bit different but they know they stand no chance of getting some of them implemented, they will have a few things they can trade off for voting with the SNP to get a majority vote. There is always the chance with 16 and 17 year olds voting that the SNP might not need them. The increases in SNP membership since brexit will also hopefully help return a responsible government. Don’t believe the social media posts stating that thousands of members left the SNP to join Alba. My local branch kept gaining members. This seems to have been repeated across the country. For every member lost multiple joined or re-joined.

This week I have been delivering window posters and car posters to people I have never delivered to before. Now it may be because there are no street stalls for people to collect from, however, I am delivering to houses where I have never seen posters put up before. Coming back from food shop the other day and there is a massive field poster in the front garden in next village. Main road and bus route. As you enter the village from the west it fair slaps you in the face. Fair lifted my spirits

I am of the opinion that the vast differences in the way Westminster and Holyrood operate are continuing to switch voters. Businesses are closing or moving to Europe because of the total shambles in exporting process and support. Enquiries announcing that Westminster ministers have broken the codes of conduct and no-one bats an eyelid. Compare that to the year Nicola had in the lead up to this election.

Stick to your guns folks and elect another SNP government. If you do, independence is a certainty this time and in the coming term. We need no wolf in sheep’s clothing who failed to deliver the last time