We are being lied to….again

Westminster does not have enough money, they say, to pay healthcare workers a decent pay rise. Meantime convoys of nuclear weapons have been travelling up to Scotland. Not replacements though. We hear this week that instead of reducing the number of warheads we have to 180 they are going to increase to 260. Why do we need all these? The picture that comes to my mind is little boys comparing their anatomy and seeing who can pee the furthest. More likely though is the bully boy scenario. The threat of actually wiping out a sizable part of the world.

I fear for the next few weeks. Continually, through the Brexit campaign and through the handling of the pandemic, we have been lied to, told what they think we want to hear. The English have had very poor and weak leadership. The increasing demonstrations are by people who are fed up not being listened to. Sick to the back teeth of large amounts of money available to Tory donors to supply things they have no experience in. Government ministers being found guilty of breaking ministerial codes and carrying on regardless. Unchallenged. How can they get away with this whilst Scottish ministers are over challenged?

I am concerned that with the wall to wall mistruths and false claims, being aided and abetted by mainstream media, that the ordinary voter will not see through it. In a 4 page newspaper style leaflet from my Tory candidate for Holyrood he claimed ‘The SNP have continued to snipe from the side-lines, illustrating that they are the usual false friends of the fishermen’. Was it the SNP who told the fishermen during the brexit campaign that they would save the industry, then eventually sell them out in order to get the things they thought important to get from Europe?

At every opportunity the Unionist parties are being allowed space to provide negative comments about the SNP and Scotland’s ability to be a successful independent country. News programmes show accusative questions being asked in the chamber by the opposition but don’t show the answer being given by ministers. Unlike me, the ordinary voter does not have time to listen to these debates. They have jobs to do, children to look after, parents to help. They rely on dipping into various media forms for info. They are not getting the right story.

Finally my SNP branch facebook page had its first yoon comment in a long time. As I am an admin I made no fuss. Didn’t delete or report. Simply hid the post. He thinks it’s still there but no-one else can see it. Surely he must be wondering why no-one has challenged him?