Much Needed Break

We had been feeling the pressure for a while. The daily briefing from the First Minister. The lack of briefing from the Prime Minister. The weird numbers being thrown around by the Westminster cabinet and their advisors. The negators on social media and given space on mainstream media. The Council leaders, business owners, union leaders constantly shouting the negatives and ‘we need help’. We all need help. The people making the best of the situation, changing operations to keep going, helping others out were not being noticed or heard.

Then the US presidential elections. The lying, the bullying, the threats. The inciting of hatred and violence. Like an out of control child, snatching the win without actually waiting for the result.

Enough was enough. The weather was mild. We had not been away in the van for months. We checked what was available locally and booked a couple of nights at Banff Links. Had never been there before as most of our trips were combined with Scots Independent board meetings or SNP/independence events.

We were given a spot at the far end of the park, tucked into the hill with a view of the bay, Banff and Macduff. We soon discover there is no wi-fi. No amount of manouvering of the arial would provide a tv signal. Ach well, we had books, box set of Borgen and I had some knitting. Put the van radio on for late afternoon news. Ian’s football team had won and Joe Biden had the magic number of electoral college votes to become President Elect. That cheered us up.

Next day we planned to meet friends outdoors. Weather was not co-operative. Rained all afternoon. Reading and people watching became the entertainment. The main road through the campsite is part of a popular walk between Banff and Whitehills. Even in the rain there were a lot of people about. Fair enough, you expect dog walkers in all weathers, but all age groups and all abilities were out and about. I got to thinking that maybe many of them were escaping the pressures in their lives and a little bit of rain was worth it to leave those stresses behind for a while.

Back home and things have changed slightly. The outgoing President is golfing while all the campaign lawyers are attempting lawsuits right, left and centre for fraudulent voting. Many in his party who were shouted down are now voicing how they wish to move on. President elect is getting his share of airtime and things look like they may be being turned around, in time. Here at home Prime Minister seems to have completed his u turns. Seems previous Prime Ministers are raising their heads again and voicing their opinion on independence for Scotland.

For now, I am complying with the covid advice for where I live. I have a lot of work to be completed that is important in other people’s lives. I am staying away from yoon baiting. I am creating a positive bubble and throwing out anything that threatens my wellbeing. I do not have Nicola’s strength or support. Independence is my aim but meantime I need to get me and mine safely through this virus. I have no spare time or strength to waste on negators and troublemakers.