Smoke Screen?

Silly old me. I thought that this month the trial being heard in Edinburgh (of which we will not comment during the course of) would be the smokescreen that would hide what Westminster was up to. How wrong could I be?

Sadly, something that has a much more profound effect on people has been spreading around the world and arrived here in each of the home countries. The Coronavirus has given the media in each of the UK countries an excuse to go into overdrive. We get a full 15 to 20 minutes on the main British news programmes followed by a further 15 minutes on each of the ‘news where you are’ programmes.

Yes, I know we need to be updated. At the moment we get one national update per day. We really don’t need the news programmes to be filled with panic stories so there is no time to tell us what our UK government is up to. Today, Tuesday 10th March, there was finally a rational voice in the discussion on radio Scotland in the morning. Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director to the Scottish Government. He spoke as if he was sitting having a chat with a family member. He was rational, reasoned and spoke in our language rather than using technical jargon. When he left to go to a meeting a caller suggested the best thing the government could do is buy airtime and have Jason Leitch speak to us regularly. I am wondering today if the people stockpiling toilet roles, sanitizer gels and painkillers are those who keep listening to the unionist mantra via the vile tabloids and their choice of social media. I hope they share with their loved ones if they ever need them.

Meantime what has not been getting reported from Westminster? One story I saw was that a Tory who failed to get re-elected in December has been made an advisor to the PM on Scotland. Pardon me, but is that not the Secretary of State for Scotland’s job?

I believe that as I write this the Westminster budget is still scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday). Wonder what that is going to bring?

Anyhow, if you have found something that has sneaked out behind the current smokescreen that Westminster doesn’t want us to know, please feel free to share with us in the comments below.