Change is coming

This week saw the embarrassing scene in Brussels of the Brexit party taking their leave of the European Parliament. Brash, noisy, insulting and oh so imperialist. Broke the rules and had to be spoken to from the chair. Totally turning their backs on Europe but expecting that same Europe to co-operate with them in future deals.

In comparison the SNP MEPs became part of a Friends of Scotland group. Europeans willing to support Scotland in our efforts to regain entry to Europe in our own right.

Aileen’s speech asking the parliament to welcome us back when the time comes was warmly received and the MEPs joined to sing Auld Lang Syne at the end of Wednesday’s session.

In the Scottish Parliament the MSPs voted to hold another referendum on independence and in a separate vote agreed to keep flying the European flag outside the building.

I think it is plain to see that we in Scotland have a very different view of the world from England and the remaining unionists in our own country. 

I wait to see what the First Minister has to say tomorrow. I suspect that patience and continued campaigning will be mentioned. We cannot sit back on our laurels this close to the next step in history.