Heads in the Sand

Watching the lunchtime news, Ian commented ‘Is there a massive
sand pit down at Westminster where they have all stuck their
heads?’ I have become detached and terrified in equal measure.
Boris and his team are definitely in the lead over ‘the Donald’ in the
lying stakes. How the hell did the elected members down there allow
such a deluded, bumbling, arrogant person to be running our affairs?
Yes I do blame the other MPs. They were all elected by their
constituents to do the best they could to defend and support them.
Too many of them have only been concerned about their own pay
packets, titles, positions within that foreign country of Westminster.
Those who have been to Westminster will understand what I mean.
There is no need to leave the buildings except to go to bed. They
need not bump into an ordinary person while they are there. They
are cocooned in a different way of life to the rest of us. One that
infects many new MPs who go there with good intentions when first
We have watched from afar as the opposition parties sat on their
hands or did deals to vote certain ways. To be fair the SNP MPs have
stayed united as a group but with everyone else in that place against
them life is very difficult.
We have watched as the UK government, and many parts of the
country, have moved more and more to the right. Latest statement
(at time of writing) is that the general population will have to work
till they are 75 years old before getting the state pension. Who
raided the pension pot? It wasn’t the people paying into it. I sincerely
hope the portfolios of those who did the raiding take a nose dive

after Brexit. See how they like getting everything taken away from
Boris and his pals are going backwards in policy making. If you have a
degenerating illness that means you are unable to work till 75 what
are you going to do? Presumably by the time this happens the
benefits system will have been done away with (the tories will love
that scenario). I foresee the return of the workhouse and the
poorhouse. Most likely being run by volunteers, as seems to be the
way these days in the community.
Shortage of food has also been talked about lately. Now, in the short
run that will be good for many of us who eat too much anyway. But
in the long run? Scotland may be ok, but then again maybe not.
Thought just came into my head about border farmers. No way can
England feed itself. So, I am guessing the farmers in the south of
Scotland may find it just as easy, and more financially viable, to
export their crops and livestock to England. I mean, the way of
business is to sell to the highest bidder, isn’t it?
So we will be stuck at home as our ease of mobility will be restricted.
We may have less time off work as well as working longer. We will be
hungry and we dare not fall ill as the NHS will have been sold off, in
bits, to the highest bidders. Oh, see that work thing? If all the
companies threatening to leave do so, there will be very little work
left around. Hope you all have decent sized gardens and are fit to dig.
Wee bit of a rant? Too right. I am really, really annoyed that the over
privileged buffoons that some people in the UK like to defer to have
been allowed to potentially destroy us.

PLEASE get us out of this disastrous relationship. Help us do it
England and we are more likely to be a friendly and helpfull
neighbour to you.
If not…….can I still emigrate?