Crazy Week

So. New Prime Minister, new Cabinet. You know, as the announcements were made I actually had to search the internet to find out what all those archaic titles were about. Seriously, they date back to the days of the Empire! We are living in the 21st century, aren’t we?

This week has been fun. Just how many people did he trundle around with him on his grand wee tour of the United Kingdoms? Seemed like a small army. Let’s do Scotland said Boris. So where did he go? A nuclear navy base where no one would be allowed to disagree with him as they are in the employ of UK government.

Next stop, visit to the First Minister. Now I foolishly thought poshly educated people were taught etiquette. Boris obviously missed those lessons. You do not visit the house of the Dominie and proceed to take charge. Nicola rightly stood her ground and insisted on correct protocol. Perhaps the most flummoxing part of that day was Boris leaving by the back door. Presumably the others followed suit? It’s just bazaar that this newly appointed, pompous, falsely confident leadership would slink out the back way? Have they no understanding of what that says to us?

In Wales he seems to have upset no end of people and yet he hardly met anyone, never answered any questions. Journalists accused him of putting on a publicity stunt. Interestingly support has risen for remain and independence.

And onto Northern Ireland. Now what could go wrong there? Immediately the wrong thing to do (in my opinion) was to dine with the DUP the evening before announcing he wanted to bring all Northern Ireland political parties together to get the Assembly up and running again. Once again he hid from the people by going to Stormont. Ah, the Irish were not going to be done though. They took their placards and their voices to Stormont and they were heard.

Summary of the week? Well done Boris. You have done more to futher the causes of remain, independence and unification of Ireland than if you had stayed in Westminster and ignored us as is you usual way.