I saw someone on Facebook the other day saying “how hard” it was to be a Nationalist since the General Election result!  Some people don’t know what “hard” is!  The “hard stuff” has all been done over many, many years.  We are now in the situation, where over half the Scottish population thinks that Independence is inevitable.  Compare that to when I first joined the SNP.

My first General Election was in 1966 – unfortunately we did not have a candidate running in Ayr (I had to spoil my paper!) and our National share of the vote was 5%.  The following year, of course ,we had Winnie’s fabulous victory in Hamilton. But the road remained an uphill struggle for the next 30 years.  We had great moments – Margo and Jim winning Govan, our tally of 11 MP’s in 1974, but what a rocky road it has been. Yes, the General Election result was disappointing, not least for the talented people we have lost at Westminster. But let us put this into perspective. Prior to the creation of the Scottish Parliament, 36 seats would have been a mandate for Independence.

We did not have a good campaign. It just simply did not get off the ground.  We were constantly on the back foot, being  on the defensive at every turn. It suited the Unionist media to follow Ruth Davidson’s simplistic slogan “no to Indyref2”. It allowed them to ignore the Westminster Tories disastrous manifesto, to subject SNP spokespeople to ridiculous claims of failure in Education, Health and other Devolved matters.  Ruthie got away with murder – not for her, having to defend her Tory Government – she simply said “no to Indyref2” and that was it! This “very cunning plan” got the Tories 13 seats in Scotland and robbed Scotland of proper representation in those seats.  However, it won’t happen again –we have reached Tory Max in Scotland.  Let’s see how it plays out when Scotland’s Tory MPs troop through the lobbies against the interests of Scotland!

So where are we at now?  Well, unfortunately we are somewhat at the mercy of the mad Brexiteers.  With Theresa now a hostage of her own party, the antics of the 3 Dumplings (you know who I mean!!) will have to be monitored and opposed at every turn.  Beware, these men are dangerous when let loose!!  I was especially disturbed by the utterance from Boris Johnstone that the EU could “whistle” for any money owed by the UK to the EU. Apart from the idiotic nature of such a comment, my worry is that “go whistle” will be the manner in which Scotland’s interests will be treated by these boors when it comes to deals to leave the EU. I fear that , among others, our farmers and fishermen had better start learning to whistle as they are sold down the proverbial river!

The signs were there last week with Liam Fox and his pathetic, begging –bowl Speech in the U.S.  He indicated his readiness to undermine Scottish food producers by accepting the much lower standards of food safety allowed  in the States.  This is food that has been rightly banned in the UK for decades. We will, if he has his way, be inundated with hormone fed beef, chlorine-washed chicken and genetically modified foodstuffs at the expense of our quality food of which we have every right to be proud.

What about the “Dumpling-in Chief” – one David Davis?  I think I shall leave this to the words of Dominic Cummings, former special adviser to Michael Gove. Cummings described Davis thus, “he is as thick as mince, lazy as a toad and vain as Narcissus”  I don’t know why he felt the need to be so subtle!

However, by far the most worrying thing has been the somewhat muddled announcement from the Tory Government that, in future, the Prime Minister will not hold discussions directly with Scotland’s First Minister.  She has delegated that job to our Colonial Governor , one David Mundell! Apart from the absurdity of Nicola, or indeed any Scottish Parliament Ministers, demeaning themselves to have a conversation with this person, this is not about the SNP. Make no mistake, this is an attempt to downgrade the Scottish Parliament.  It is an insult to Scotland and the Scottish people – we must take this as a shot across the bow from Westminster and have no part of it.

It is at times like this when the going gets tough we must remember that we in Scotland hold the “get out of jail free” card.  Independence is our trump card.  I am in no doubt that before this Brexit shambles is over, the Independence card will successfully be played.  Oh to be free of this so unequal Union!


  1. I agree with every thing Margaret Hamilton has said but I think she was far too gentle in her criticism especially of that pig ignorant nonentity David Davies but there again I suppose mop head Boris makes every other tory look sublimely intelligent

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comment James. It was Kay Ullrich who was too gentle in her criticism. Margaret just edited

  2. Thank you James- I am afraid guilty as charged – you know me – always try to be nice!!!

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