Working hard for the cause

It struck me the other day just how hard our SNP MPs are working, both at home and in that ‘mother’ of parliaments. The media have been doing their best to avoid any political news. Putting on the endless repeats over the festive period and shortening and shifting the news programmes has helped with this. I am now at the point of the festive season where I have to check with the newspaper to see what day it is.Totally feeling in limbo!

Thanks to social media I managed to catch a few posts from some MPs and their staff. Right up to the end of the West minster parliamentary session our MPs were to be heard on their feet in the debating chamber.Thank goodness our MPs and their staff do post on facebook and twitter (I’m not that good with twitter) so we find out what they are up to. Would highly recommend following your own MP, or one that covers your area of interest, to get the real picture. I have heard that there is a growing admiration for our group. They are getting a good reputation for speaking up for Scotland, as well as their own constituencies, regardless of whether they can win a vote or not. I saw posts about how they were trying to slot in some work in between family stuff so they would not be behind once they go back to parliament. Those who get the festive period totally off work perhaps don’t realise that some parliamentary staff don’t if they need to be on top of a topic. I am personally chuffed at how professional they are as well as how disciplined. It’s not always easy for them down there in Westminster so a wee like or comment to show we appreciate their work is always welcome.

Also doing a lot of promoting for Scotland are two of the Oliver Brown Award winners. Cameron McNeish has been walking all over Scotland these past few weeks promoting our varied and beautiful country. The programmes that have been on this week are less arduous than some of his walks, showing you can park and do some walking and get the train or bus back to your vehicle. Much easier for those of us not as fit as he is.

Radio Scotland has been putting on some of Bill Kay’s productions as all the presenters take time off for festive activities with family. All of these can be aught up with on BBC iplayer. I would give you the links but the BBC website seems to be having problems today and I can’t get on. You can find out about Billy’s productions at his website  and with Cameron at his blog  and here 

All that remains is to wish you all the very best for 2017 and to encourage you to keep doing your bit for the cause. Independence for Scotland is touchable. Don’t take your eye off the ball