Summertime and the living is easy

So goes the old song.  There has been nothing “easy” about living through this past summer after the result of the Referendum on June the 23rd.  To watch the Tories at play in Westminster you might well think nothing much has happened!  In spite of the damage they caused with their “jolly wheeze” of  the Referendum – the great Tory Roadshow continues on its merry way –  checked solely by the magnificent SNP Group at Westminster.

It seems that the sainted Theresa – she who reluctantly stepped up to the plate to aid her Country in time of crisis, is not quite so selfless as had been portrayed. It would appear that, during the EU Referendum she kept her head down and played both ends against the middle in her quest to become PM.  Why any political observer did not see what she was up to during the Referendum campaign is beyond me!  Anyway, we know that she is good at inaction – what we need now is action!

Theresa May ducks and dives at PMQs – heaven forfend that she should tell us what Brexit means!  It is a “no go” area for her. She creates diversions like Grammar Schools for England, gives an anodyne speech at the U.N. but not a dickie-bird of a Plan for the future of the U.K. outside the E.U.  Theresa obviously thinks that if she ignores the issue it will go away – no it won’t Tessie! The Colonel Blimps on the true blue benches are just longing to create a “new Jerusalem” in England’s green and pleasant land. They will never surrender!  For the P.M. to pretend that we can stay in the Single Market withou  Free Movement is, quite frankly, an illusion.  Theresa knows that, as do her merry band of Brexiteers.  It is time to stop the flannel and inform the electorate of the reality of the situation facing the U.K. after the result on June 23rd.

And of course, I couldn’t fail to mention the continuing saga of the Labour Party – I know “private grief” and all that! But I cannae resist!  Corbyn re-elected with a whopping majority – quelle surprise? Kezia gives him her full support – it is like the hokey-cokey for poor Kezia !  How quickly she fell into line –  is this the new Autonomy in action Kez?  Before she gets too excited about this Autonomy stuff, she should carefully read what Corbyn has said on the subject, “Scottish Labour should have more autonomy”.  The key word is “more” Kezia!

What a truly awful time conference has been for poor Kezia.  She has come across like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights.  If they had a stronger leader waiting in the wings, she would be toast!

I was interested to note that the Labour Party voting figures in Scotland were vastly different to those of the party in England.  58% of Scottish members apparently voted for Owen Smith – in a very small poll, it has to be said.  But I can see why there should be such a difference.  Only my theory, but I would guess that the Labour Party in Scotland has not had anything like the surge of new, particularly younger members, seen south of the border.  After all, politically aware young people in Scotland have joined the SNP in their droves.  The vote for Owen in Scotland reflects the fact that Labour in Scotland is an “old” Party (in all senses of the word!) and, indeed, is seen as the “Party our grandparents used to vote for”

In case I have not depressed you enough with the troubles we have to seek let’s take a look across the Pond.  If you are of the opinion that the U.K. Government is in a mess – imagine the dilemma facing our American cousins (in my case, my Husband!)  They have a very unpopular but very experienced candidate on one hand and a very popular but very inexperienced candidate on the other (some would say he’s a chancer!)  For you, dear reader, I watched the debate in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  To be honest, I would have watched it anyway – I am a Gold standard political junkie!  Now, Hilary has many faults, but last night she was really on form.  Trump came across like the aforementioned “chancer”  For me, his statement, when he admitted not paying taxes, “that makes me a smart person”  summed up both his personality and his honesty!   Obviously a follower of the “only the little people pay taxes” brigade!  Whether the debate made a difference to the Electorate is a mute point – but anyone who was watching must surely have realized that this man Trump is no longer a joke – he is a disaster waiting to happen!

OK ,so I am not a fan of Tessie or Kez  -but, of course, their worth as leaders is open to debate-  but what, I would contend is beyond debate –  is that Donald Trump is totally unfit to be President of the U.S.A.


  1. What a brilliant article! Let’s have more of them.

    1. Thank you David

  2. Sorry it’s late. Once again a great honest article. Only line missing : a big boy did it and ran away. Another of your favourites haha ?. Look forward to next one

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