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Wednesday 23rd December 2015


As 2015 draws to a close, the SNP is welcoming the success of the Scottish Dairy Brand since its launch this summer at the Royal Highland Show.

SNP MSP Graeme Dey has hailed the Scottish Government’s food and drink initiative which has to date attracted a dozen processors, 18 brands and 40 different products over three specialist ranges – all made using 100 per cent Scottish milk.

Graeme Day MSP
Graeme Day MSP

There has been noted interest in the Scottish Dairy Brand products from markets in over 20 countries across the globe – showing that the repackaging of a high quality Scottish product is helping to secure the future of the sector which has been affected in recent years by market volatility.

The MSP for Angus South has also noted the exciting prospects for growth in the industry in 2016, as the Scottish Government invests further in promotion of Scottish Dairy on the international market.

Commenting, Graeme Dey said:

“The Scottish Dairy Sector has faced significant challenges in recent years and it was extremely welcome news that in 2015 we saw the launch of both the Dairy Action Plan and a designated Scottish Dairy Brand from the Scottish Government.

“Already there have been a considerable number of processors, brands and products who have signed up to this great initiative – one which will see an extremely high quality produce in Scotland’s cheese and butter, promoted far and wide on the global marketplace.

“That’s why the launch of Scottish Dairy has considerable backing from across the industry and from the NFUS who recognise the tremendous opportunities to tap into the burgeoning reputation for Scottish food and drink worldwide.

“There are lucrative prospects for producers to capitalise on and I’d encourage many more to realise the potential in 2016 as the Scottish Dairy Brand flourishes in 2016 and beyond.”


Monday 21st December 2015

Today’s TNS poll of voting intentions for the Scottish Parliament puts the SNP up to 78 seats, just over four months before the Scottish Parliament elections. In contrast, Scottish Labour have seen a further drop in support to 25 seats.

Derek MacKay MSP
Derek MacKay MSP

Commenting, SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“Today’s poll shows people in Scotland are continuing to back the SNP’s positive and progressive vision for Scotland’s future – and putting their trust in the party to build on our record of delivery and success in government for a historic third term.

“But we of course take absolutely nothing for granted, and will be working hard every day between now and May to ensure that we retain the trust of voters.

“In our eight years in office, the SNP have been focused on delivering on the issues that matter to the people of Scotland. We have frozen the council tax, protected free university tuition, scrapped prescription charges, protected Free Personal Care, maintained the concessionary travel scheme, increased Scotland’s health budget to record levels, put over 1000 more police on our streets, and protected those hardest hit by unfair Tory welfare cuts.

“We will continue to work to secure the re-election of Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, and a SNP Government that is getting on with the job and continuing to deliver for the people of Scotland.”

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  1. I hate to read that we are way ahead of the opposition, this can be very dangerous. If you truly believe that the SNP government is doing a good job then back them 100%, vote SNP/SNP. Give Nicola and her team a big majority in May as big as we can make it for we are coming up to a crucial time the Fiscal Framework settlement. A big majority in May will send a clear message to Cameron and Co that Scotland is behind its government, hanging the sword of ? (forget the guys name) over Westminster’s head, if we do not like the deal then the next step will be Scottish independence and the last thing Cameron wants is another SI referendum.

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