The Scottish National Party has welcomed reports Labour now intend to vote with the SNP against the UK government’s fiscal charter this week, but have called for absolute clarity from the party and a commitment that all Labour MPs will oppose the charter.

Nicola Sturgeon challenged Labour at the weekend to join the SNP in the vote against austerity as she published a set of alternative proposals.  Labour’s shadow Chancellor had previously said Labour would vote for Osborne’s charter.

The SNP condemned Labour for considering voting with the Tories – committing to further austerity and unnecessary ideologically driven cuts.

SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

“This is promising news, but its disgraceful there has had to be any doubt that the Labour party would oppose Tory cuts, and it is astonishing that they were ever considering voting for the charter.

“The SNP has been calling on Jeremy Corbyn to join us in voting against the UK government’s budget plans – he must live up to the pledges that got him elected as Labour Leader, and this week’s vote on austerity is a major test for him and his party.

“Every single Labour MP must now join the SNP and vote no to Tory austerity or their credibility will be in ruins.  However once again it shows that Labour is a party in chaos, and is deeply divided on the issue of austerity as with so much else.

“Jeremy Corbyn has already had to climb down on Trident following a humiliating U-turn at the Labour conference when he was overruled by his shadow cabinet and senior colleagues. If Mr Corbyn is serious about winning back the trust of the people of Scotland, he will join with the SNP and vote against Osborne’s austerity.’’


  1. Its Long overdue, Labour should Practise what they’re preaching, You need the Scottish Electorate to Start Trusting you Mr Corbyn so go ahead and do what’s right by the people of Scotland and Stand by the SNP

    1. Maybe Just Maybe, Labour Will Do what they were voted into Doing, Listening to the People, Instead of crusading on Policies No one Knows

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