The co-operation agreement between the SNP and Scottish Greens to form a majority government in Scotland has rattled the Unionist cages like nothing before it. The shrill reaction from Tories, Labour and Lib Dems is testimony to their fear of an independence majority and to their de facto united front in opposition to a second independence referendum. The original design of the Scottish Parliament by the Consultative Steering Group is being trashed by this toxic partisanship on the constitutional question as battle lines are drawn from Chamber to Committee rooms. The SNP say ‘it is’ and the Unionist chorus rejoin ‘oh no it isn’t’; straight out of a pantomime playbook. The CSG recognisedRead More →

Making news, telling stories and getting a message across is the daily workhorse of the public relations profession and something that I have been practising for over 20 years.  A headline today on Facebook News caught my attention: “Protestors claim to ‘seize’ Edinburgh Castle citing Magna Carta”. My first thought was some English nationalist group is making a bizarre claim for publicity purposes. However, delving into the article reveals that this was a group of independence supporters suggesting they were making a dramatic attempt to re-claim the iconic bastion of military dominance in the historic capital city. Well for a publicity stunt it certainly grabbedRead More →

For many, the end of the football tournament that was the Euros 2020 is a blessing. Yes, it was exciting to watch Scotland take part in its first international finals in decades but bittersweet to not make it through the group stages. Why anyone should expect a team with no or little experience of international competition to suddenly become winners is beyond someone like me with little to no experience of football punditry.  The face-saving element from the last month or so was to the goal-less draw with England. Never before has a scoreless draw been heralded as an emphatic win. Having said that, theRead More →

Controversial though this may sound, the Tories actually want to have another independence referendum. The Tories in question tend to be those in Westminster rather than Holyrood but then when has London ever taken cognisance of a Scottish Tory leader when it comes to the UK’s interests?  That’s perhaps rather unfair in current context but nonetheless, there is planning taking place within Whitehall for the next referendum and it’s time we woke up to that reality. A senior Scottish Tory strategist was very candid within a closed meeting for professional PR people. In this meeting, he set out three scenarios: 1. Say No (the statusRead More →

It’s that time folks: ‘now that the dust has settled’ is the opening to post-election analysis of one sort or another. Lots of gnashing of teeth and reaching for blood pressure tablets is not the answer. Perhaps a touch of self-compassion mediation is the answer. “This is a moment of suffering: feeling stressed, dealing with something difficult but not insurmountable.” Bringing mindful awareness to the Scottish election scene is long overdue, especially for the independence movement. The frustration of not achieving independence immediately boils over as the lay of the land suggests there is no instant route map.  The SNP are in many ways stillRead More →

The psychodrama that has prevailed amongst a minority of the national movement derived from #MeToo, the Alex Salmond affair and slanging matches over a gender recognition bill, which is no longer on the parliamentary timetable, must now stop.  Alex Salmond is innocent of criminal activity but clearly has a tarnished reputation from activities that took place during his time as the inhabitant of Bute House. Behaviour which is unbecoming of the First Minister of Scotland. However, that is now in the past and a line must be drawn under it. Revenge, which now seems to be the priority, is a dish best served cold andRead More →

A Scottish voter, with even a cursory glance at traditional or social media, could be forgiven for thinking the SNP is playing out a bizarre re-enactment of a Shakespeare tragedy. The lines they speak are particularly difficult to comprehend unless you are well versed in the lingo. The plot twists and turns and there is definitely a Macbeth or two out there with paranoid delusions. However, I write this in the aftermath of the monthly branch meeting with over forty people glued to a screen for the ubiquitous Zoom call. The agenda was skewed towards preparations and activity for the Scottish Parliament elections. Candidate wasRead More →

As we approach the festive season, we are often told it’s more important to give than to receive. As far as the Prime Minister is concerned, he is the gift to Scottish independence that keeps on giving. In a private Zoom call to Northern English Tories, he pronounced that “devolution has been a disaster” and poor we Dougie Ross is left apoplectic. However, to the diehard Unionist cause, it is manna from heaven. They hate devolution and believe now that abolishing the Scottish Parliament is the answer. Meanwhile, the rumour mill over the past week has been strong on suggestions the Scottish Tories are re-shapingRead More →

A new poll by Progress Scotland has created a stushie with a resounding message: the vast majority of Scots want decisions about Scotland to be made in Scotland. As SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown says: “This poll confirms that we are winning the economic argument over Scotland’s future. More and more, people across Scotland believe that independence will not only give us a stronger voice in the world but will also benefit our economy. The threat to jobs and living standards posed by Brexit has eroded any remaining confidence voters had in Westminster having control over Scotland’s finances.” So with a stronger, more compelling caseRead More →

Eight months to go until the Scottish electorate (all things being safe), give their verdict on the SNP in government and the desire for a second independence referendum. Thursday 6 May 2021 should be ringed on your calendar if it hasn’t been already. We know for certain that at least a fifth of the current MSPs are not standing again and they should be rightly praised for the hard work they have done for Scottish democracy over the Scottish Parliament’s current 21-year history. Without the sterling efforts of this band of veteran parliamentarians, the Scottish Parliament would not be the primary trusted legislative body thatRead More →