An SNP MP has called for clarity from Scottish Secretary David Mundell on the use of the Scotland Office in London.

Dover House – the Scotland Office’s base in London – occupies an enviable location in central London on Whitehall and has hosted receptions for the Scottish Fashion Awards and the Scotch Whisky Association in recent years.

But in response to a series of parliamentary questions seeking the number of public engagement events that have been held in Dover House aimed at promoting Scotland’s place in the UK and across the world lodged by Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman, the only answer from the Scotland Office has been “a variety of events.”

Douglas Chapman MP has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell to ask for greater clarity over how to hold events in Dover House and how the venue can be used to promote Scotland on a global platform.

Commenting, Douglas Chapman MP said:

“Too often the Scotland Office has worked against Scottish interests and, with Scottish taxpayers paying for this grade-one listed mansion, it is not unreasonable to ask what it is actually being used for.

“David Mundell says Dover House is used for a variety of events, including by third parties, and so he should publish full details instead of providing evasive answers. Given the significant running costs of the Scotland Office people should be able to see how this asset is being used to promote Scotland’s interests.

“I fail to see the need for David Mundell to be unclear and imprecise in his answer to my questions.

“The SNP have long called for the Scotland Office to be scrapped – especially in light of its running costs soaring despite a shrinking remit – but if these calls are to be ignored Dover House’s only purpose should not be as a palatial suite of offices for Mr Mundell.”