What the BBC didn’t report on climate targets


As new figures confirm that Scotland is three quarters of the way to meeting its ambition emissions targets – with a 14 per cent reduction in 2013 – the SNP has welcomed news that the Scottish Government is stepping up efforts to cut emissions with new investments across the energy, environment and transport sectors.

Climate Change Minister Dr Aileen McLeod’s reaffirmed action on climate change in a statement to the Scottish Parliament today with a focus on energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes and buildings.

Dr McLeod also highlighted a number of further, additional measures which the Scottish Government will deploy to tackle climate change, including;

  • Innovative flaring technology to be rolled out to sites in Glasgow and East Lothian
  • Financial assistance for local authorities to roll out food waste collections
  • Peatland restoration additional funding
  • A renewed commitment to sustainable and active travel, including the launch of a second Future Transport Fund.
  • The renewed drive to highlight alternatives to the school run

Welcoming these measures, Rob Gibson MSP said:

“These new statistics show the remarkable progress Scotland is making in cutting greenhouse emissions. With emissions cut by 38.4 per cent we are now three quarters of the way to meeting our world-leading targets with five years still to go. The Scottish Government’s commitment to delivering on the 2020 target has been reinforced with this package of new initiatives.

“Today is also a reminder that we must do more in the fight against climate change – so it is encouraging to see the Scottish Government’s renewed focus on energy efficiency and also the investment in initiatives to enable local government and people across the country to be able to do more to help play their part.

“If the targets were easy to achieve they would not be ambitious enough. We now must call on our friends and neighbours across these islands – including the UK government who have lagged behind in the battle against climate change – and beyond into the international community who also need to aim for equally ambitions targets if the international climate treaty to be agreed in Paris later this year is to stand a good chance of success.”