Pull Together

So Douglas Ross, once more, prefers petty political point scoring to actively co-operating in getting us through this turmoil. His, and Westminster’s attitude continue to strengthen the case to be running our own affairs, completely on our own.

The levels of the new strain of the virus are galloping way ahead of it’s predecessors. The science is the only fact we have as the movement of the virus cannot be seen till people test positive. The UK government are ignoring the facts as best they can. The rebellion of the Tory MPs, refusing to bring in further restrictions, was despicable and showed what they really thought of their constituents. They are content to put your lives at risk just so they can continue to keep business open.

The decision by the French government to stop UK citizens travelling to their country was bold and necessary. Despite the UK government disliking all things French, there is a high level of travel back and fore, with many UK nationals living in France. As Westminster are reluctant to restrict their people there was no alternative but to stop the high spreaders taking the virus over the channel.

Round about us, local businesses are taking the necessary precautions to continue trading. Meanwhile BBC radio Scotland seems to find the whinging business owners who like to greet on about compensation. These tend to be the non essential night clubs and bars. If you think the Scottish Government is tough on you, look to Norway. They have announced that all bars, restaurants and the like are to stop serving alcohol. Norway has always been tougher on alcohol than Scotland and they obviously take the view that alcohol allows people to drop their guard and more unlikely to maintain distance. Better hope our health advisors don’t hear about this, eh?

These are very trying times but there are many much worse off then us. We need to comply with anything that helps to keep down transmission here. We also need to encourage our governments to do more to assist the countries who are really struggling. The one thing that has come out of all this is that the Scottish Government, the First Minister, have shown they care. Have shown they put the people of Scotland first. Some people don’t appreciate that, don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do. Another thing picked up from the Norwegian journalist. Most of the people in hospital in Norway with covid …………… are the anti-vaxers. Think on. The only way to come out the other end is do your bit to starve it of bodies to spread it.