The Brexit Burach

And still the Brexit burach continues; into the final month, again, there is still no progress made, no clear direction on what will happen but still a wilful ignorance from those that should be leading us. From what was for all intents and purposes, a political coup, neatly overturned by by a court case painstakingly organised by Joanna Cherry MP, and rumoured to be ignored by the Prime Minister, the stakes are now ramped up; we are told legislation WILL be out in place to prevent the continuation of the Scottish Parliament in order to “protect” the Union. Quite what this will achieve is anybody’s guess – is it simply an attempt to subjugate and belittle the Scottish electorate, for us to once again know our place as serfs to our masters, or is it in fact a serious threat with the repercussions which may arise as they did in Ireland.

What we do know, without any question, is that regardless of Brexit or no Brexit, there will be a General Election. Boris Johnson states without chagrin that the Tories will increase their Westminster seats from their current 13 whilst opinion polls predict their return to the days of jokes about there being more pandas than Tory MPs in Scotland. There is of course no way that he would say anything different but the sensible decision surely would just be to remain quiet rather than face the inevitable humiliation that will follow. Within the SNP, and other opposition parties I suspect, the race is on to select constituency candidates before the election is called in those seats without a party incumbent. Quite why it has been left so late is a mystery when this exact scenario has been anticipated for so long and we can only hope that the process is completed in time.

With independence marches having taken place across the country uniting like minded people, the final march of the year will take place in Edinburgh this weekend. Quarter of a million Indy supporters are expected to attend and the atmosphere will be incredible. The feeling of optimism, hope and positivity that these occasions create is powerful and infectious and shows all those who witness one that we are not the minority; this belief that independence is coming ever nearer is real and palpable. No matter what way Brexit goes, providing Johnson’s attempts at dominance are empty rhetoric, things have progressed too far for the status quo to ever be acceptable again. We feel persecuted in Scotland over the decision to leave but compared to those in Northern Ireland, we have little to fear. Their worries pertain to a real threat to safety and reasoned argument; yet another enclave that can be sacrificed for the might of the imperialists. I think of my cousin living in Gibraltar and fail to understand how no longer being in the EU can conceivably work there. With all our worries over how border controls are going to work on our shores, those in Gibraltar have been forgotten about and are the perfect example of the madness that we are facing.

People have begun stockpiling food in anticipation of shortages and rising prices. Availability of household essentials and medication are another source of concern and perhaps coincidentally, the latter is already often out of stock. Scare stories abound and are greatly exaggerated but there will be temporary inconveniences in obtaining what we are used to purchasing. Perhaps we may embrace those foods that are readily available but out of fashion like the boys of Peat & Diesel and see a return to platefuls of Sgadan and Marag Dubh!