Well, jings, crivens, help ma Boab, another Election!  And here’s me thinking, “now is not the time!”  Theresa wants to be the absolute ruler!  Chairman May we presume!  “The country is coming together” she says, “but Parliament aren’t united.”   Obviously she and her dastardly Brexiteers are not great believers in a parliamentary democracy.” Let them dae as their telt,” seems to be the way forward in Toryland. What a jolly wheeze, let’s have no opposition.  It must be the SNP opposition that’s worrying them, as the Labour Party has been about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to holding the Tories to account!

Make absolutely no mistake this is a calculated move by May and her cronies to try to rekindle the heydays of the British Empire, when people knew their place and Britannia ruled the waves!  We are in very real danger of being dragged under by a bunch of delusional zealots who imagine that the world is just waiting to put the “great” back in “Britain!” You think I exaggerate? Think back a few weeks to the ridiculous sabre rattling over Gibraltar.  The situation was being likened to the Falklands ,

A Royal Navy ship was showing the flag in Spanish waters – the Armada would be sunk again!  Where is Sir Francis Drake when you need him?  It would be amusing, were it not such scary stuff.


What is much more scary, however is what these Tories will do to Social Policy – clearly their aim is to dismantle the Welfare State.  With a small majority, look at the damage already inflicted. The bedroom tax, the slashing of Disability Benefits, the ending of Universal Child Benefit, moving the goalposts on Women’s Pensions and the disgusting rape clause in the new 2 child cap policy on Tax Credits.  Already we are getting hints from the Tories that, once they have their “landslide”, the triple lock on pensions is gone, VAT will rise – a move that will further wreak havoc on the poorest people, and in England, without a shadow of a doubt the NHS will be privatized.  I wonder how Ruthie will defend that?


But should we be surprised?  Look at the company kept by the Hard Brexiteers.  In their desperation for trading partners, they are trawling the world’s despots .  How humiliating was it to see the bold Theresa on bended knee to the House of Saudi.  Imagine wanting to have anything to do with a country where a woman can be stoned to death for adultery, people beheaded for being homosexual, and where women cannot go out without being accompanied by a male relative.  But that is all OK with the Tories, as long as we can increase our sales of aircraft and munitions so the Saudis can keep bombing the bejesus out of Yemen!

I wrote about Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines in my last blog.  Little did I think that Liam Fox would fawn over him and speak of our “shared values”.  Shared values – this is a man who has set loose vigilantes to kill suspected drug dealers – 9000 killed to date in less than a year of Duterte coming to power in that unfortunate, but beautiful nation.  Duterte himself, has boasted of personally killing over 20 people, including throwing a man to his death from a helicopter.  When you think about it, is it really surprising that Liam Fox thinks so highly of this monster? This is what we have been reduced to post Brexit. The lunatics are truly taking over the Asylum.  However, it can, and must be stopped at the Border.  Scotland has a way out of this mess – we must grab it with both hands!


A wee postscript.  I have to say it is sad to see the Labour Party in Scotland scrabbling around to find candidates to run in the Westminster Election.  Changed days, when all you had to do was get selected to be assured of becoming a Labour MP.  In those days, not so long ago , it was literally a fact, particularly in the Central belt, that if you wanted a career in politics you joined the Labour Party!  Perhaps that was part of their undoing.  There was no such thing to them as a “cause” – it was all about power.  The lack of conviction politics is now coming back to haunt them.  When I think of the number of times people like myself became candidates, simply to further the cause, with no hope of winning.  We fought the good fight, put our message across,  and now we are reaping the benefit.  Unfortunately for Labour they no longer have a “cause” – they simply never thought the voters would get wise to them.


So it’s  once more into the breach, dear friends, but this time it is crucial!  We must not let the Tories get a hold of any of our councils – and heaven forfend that they have one single seat left in Scotland after the Westminster election!