Kezia Dugdale has come under renewed pressure to use her party’s conference to set out a credible position on council tax – amidst polling evidence showing that even her own party’s voters are backing the SNP’s fair, progressive reforms to local tax.

Labour has yet to detail any firm plans for local taxation – while a poll last week showed that the SNP’s planed reforms are by far the most popular option amongst even Labour voters.  The poll confirmed that the SNP’s plans were favoured amongst the majority of those who expressed an opinion.

The SNP Government has announced plans to reform local tax, which will see 75 per cent of people in Scotland pay the same or less, and will provide additional support for those on low incomes, benefitting 77,000 families by an average of £173 per year.

The SNP has also made clear that we will consult with local authorities to assign a proportion of devolved income tax to councils.

Commenting, SNP Local Government Minister Marco Biagi said:           Marco Biagi MSP, Local Government Minister
“The SNP has set out fair, progressive plans to reform local tax – and as well as being backed by most people in Scotland, they are also the most popular option amongst Labour voters. But so far, all the Labour leadership has had to offer has been tired, partisan rhetoric.

“If Labour want to start being taken even remotely seriously, they need to be clear with people in Scotland what their own plans are – and accept that simply carping from the sidelines isn’t going to cut it.

“As far back as 2009, Labour commissioned a report to decide what their policy should be on local tax reform – and to this day, it still hasn’t been published.  In the last seven years Labour in Scotland have had four leaders and fought six elections – but haven’t had a single credible, detailed plan on local tax.

“It’s no wonder that they aren’t viewed as a credible party of opposition, let alone a credible party of government.

“The SNP has set out our progressive reforms to the Council Tax – and it’s clear people in Scotland are backing them. Other parties now have a duty to set out their own plans – or ditch the posturing and get behind the SNP’s fair, balanced and reasonable proposals.”