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Written by Gordon Wilson

SCOTLAND: THE BATTLE FOR INDEPENDENCE is the second volume of the history of the Scottish National Party. Covering the years from 1990 to the defining event of the referendum, it follows on from the author’s SNP: THE TURBULENT YEARS 1960-1990 which traced the development of the SNP from small beginnings as a pressure group to recognition as a major force in Scottish politics.

It covers the rise of the new leader, Alex Salmond, the referendum of 1997 giving approval to the creation of a new devolved Scottish Parliament and the election of a large block of SNP members to that Parliament in 1999 that led to a constitutional revolution within the SNP. This period was not short of trials and recriminations resulting in the election of |ohn Swinney as leader and subsequently the return of Alex Salmond to the top job.

Above all it demonstrates the events that led to the first minority SNP Government in 2007 and its dramatic re-election in 2011 as the fist majority administration all leading to the holding of the independence referendum on 18 September 2014. The book covers the referendum campaign whose outcome defines Scotland’s place in the UK, Europe and the World.

For those interested in the SNP phenomenon and the impact of the referendum on Scotland, the UK itself and the Party, it is essential reading.

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