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Written by James Halliday

These are the personal recollections of Jimmy Halliday from the 1940s until what may be termed the end of Gordon Wilson’s “Turbulent Years” which show that turbulent years were also endemic in the earlier times. It chronicles the various splits and alliances during the time of the Covenant, politics in Glasgow university Student Nationalist Association and the vents surrounding the recovery of the Stone of Destiny in 1951.

To those who believe the SNP did not exist until they themselves joined, it paints a picture of a fractious developing party, many members who joined to push their own particular agendas, and stomped off into the twilight when they did not get their own way, and more who stayed the course, and lived to see the SNP sweeping to a victory which they could never have imagined in their wildest dreams.

It is a surprisingly frank account, very insightful, and with the type of shrew and humorous comments one has associated with Jimmy Halliday over the years.

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