So goes the old song.  There has been nothing “easy” about living through this past summer after the result of the Referendum on June the 23rd.  To watch the Tories at play in Westminster you might well think nothing much has happened!  In spite of the damage they caused with their “jolly wheeze” of  the Referendum – the great Tory Roadshow continues on its merry way –  checked solely by the magnificent SNP Group at Westminster. It seems that the sainted Theresa – she who reluctantly stepped up to the plate to aid her Country in time of crisis, is not quite so selfless asRead More →

Well, that’s the end of summer (what summer?)  Be fair, the kids went back to school and we had a few days of glorious sunshine – it was ever thus!   Summer is usually the dull time for us political junkies, but boy, has this year been an exception.  We have been deafened by the sound of dragging feet from the Tories following their Brexit debacle (what a jolly wheeze that was!)  To add to the seasonal delight, the “once great” Labour Party have kept us all amused as they publicly beat themselves to death.  As if this was not enough for us sad anoraks,Read More →

As I watched David Cameron announce his resignation on the morning of the 24th of June, the words of an old childhood game came to mind. Do you remember playing Hide and Seek? When you were about to be caught, you quickly crossed your fingers and said “keys no het”. That is exactly what Cameron was doing after the EU Referendum result. To put it another way, in words I often heard as the social worker at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court – it wisnae me, I wisnae there, a big boy did it and run away” That “big boy” was of course Boris, and run awayRead More →