Greedflation; the condition where business increases prices because of a crisis but refuse to reduce them when the crisis passes. It’s what I believe is happening now to most things we buy but especially to foodstuffs. We could all understand when the oil price went through the roof last year as Mad Vlad tried to rebuild the Russian Empire by initially invading Ukraine. It was easy to accept that the rocketing price of fuel meant there would be knock-on impacts on everything, not that we foresaw just how horrific those impacts would be. Everything rocketed, fuel for the car, or lorry, electricity and the costsRead More →

Unionists are gleeful that support for independence and the SNP is down.  In one recent poll Labour was ahead in the vote for the regional list and the SNP lead in the constituencies suggest that many of its seats might be at risk.   The SNP’s dominant position in Scottish politics is looking at real risk for the first time since 2011.  Clearly it’s been a tough time for the SNP and unionist propagandists in the main stream press have milked the situation for all they’re worth. They’ve found magic spell which will get rid of the SNP forever.  But are they celebrating too early? Let’s remember these important facts: No-one hasRead More →

Since his mother died, he has been grinning like a Cheshire cat and rubbing his hands together. He has waited so long to become king that he is like a child let loose in a toy shop with sweetie shelves. He has totally misread the feeling of the nation. His nation has been through some very difficult times in the past few years. Loved ones no longer with us, who should have been. People homeless or using food banks to feed their families. While his people have been struggling, he has been spending the public purse on a ridiculously extravagant coronation. Not being content withRead More →