The recent King’s Speech didn’t include any reference to legislation restricting councils in England from introducing 20mph zones. Sunak had jumped on the Uxbridge by election result believing that it showed that there were voters so exercised by efforts to reduce traffic emissions that it could be turned into a vote winning issue if it was effectively weaponised.  The problem for Sunak is that opinion polling and focus group sampling shows that Tory voters are amongst the most vigorous supporters of restrictions on traffic speeds – especially in the areas they live. Fast cars are fine but not in the leafy suburbs. So the policyRead More →

So when the newspapers cried from their front pages in England that “flagship blue counties” could go bankrupt, the view in Scotland was, so why do it?  When the Tories were lambasting Humza for freezing council tax, it was partly because so many councils were writing off so much council tax debt, it was hard to factor in the waste. The so called trigger in England of this fantastic budget was exactly as many stated, too little too late.  Also not understanding the problem that real people are experiencing, and the core problems being put on immigration.  The real world problems of day to day living doesn’t existRead More →

The Covid enquiry happening in London is certainly proving to me that many of my thoughts at the time were more correct than I could have imagined. I shudder when I see the replays of Boris Johnson in action. His buffooning around was obviously a diversion to take our minds away from what his colleagues were up to, or is that crediting him too much? Did they simply see they could hide things while he was centre stage? I just had to copy this from Diane Abbott MP’s facebook :- ‘Nothing kinder, more reasonable or more decent about Sunak than there is about Johnson. Johnson was just feckless.Read More →

I was struck by a report, I think in The Guardian, that only 2% of school students are taught about the Middle East. Apparently, it’s too contentious and too hard, perhaps because of the pernicious roles played by many British Governments! Speaks volumes about the education system. For many, it’s a war which focuses on perceived victimhood and to a very large extent that depends on the start date you choose. For some the conflict started on October 7 when Hamas launched its assault on Israel and the resultant savagery. But as the UN has pointed out, this did not happen in a vacuum. For at least a decade, in Israel, and indeedRead More →

Rishi Sunak pretends to be a new broom sweeping away the 13 years of incompetent government. There are reports that his HS2 policy is meant to signal to the electorate a new approach.  It and the lies about cancelling policies based on social media conspiracy theories show just how desperate the UK government has become. They’ve run out of ideas, they’ve run out of money and they offer nothing but trumped up culture war issues to appeal to their GB news watching base.  The problem is that most voters aren’t interested. Inflation, housing and the contraction of public services will always be the focus ofRead More →

It’s tempting to navel gaze in the light of by election losses, but let’s not talk about the Tories.  The fact is we have wars erupting around the world, and we seem to be sleepwalking into the maelstrom’s tentacles in our own homes. With nightly updates, media led, we are fed exactly what they think we need to know.  What we often forget is the extensive history to these events.  Which includes the partitioning of places like India and Pakistan, Palestine and Israel and our own Ireland.  So many more to mention, but all resulting in harboured resentment for generations and horrific bloodshed.  We should be wary of accepting theRead More →

There are many, many things about the right wing in politics which I find detestable, selfishness, xenophobia and bigotry to name but three, perhaps though the one which irks me most is their utter inability to learn the simplest of lessons from history. This is highlighted just now by the crass stupidity of the Republican “Party” in the US. They question whether the support for Ukraine from the US, in its fight for survival is “worth it?”  This displays all the blinkered ignorance we have come to expect from a party which claims to be the party of law and order but is prepared to nominate a serially impeachedRead More →

I had a very short working week last week; in on Monday and Friday and out on strike Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I had mixed emotions about it – I had rejected the initial pay offer but did not vote for strike action – but felt I had to support those who did.  Various figures have been bandied around in the media about what the pay offer actually was with some figures being more believable than others but what could not be disputed was Cosla’s own cleverly presented figures. A generous £2000 was proposed which on the face of it seems more than acceptable howeverRead More →

Well round one and the courts have ruled no Independence attempts at any cost, or similar!  But, as we all know, justice isn’t exactly what the scales portray.  The very heart of democracy lies in good governance.  Good governance relies on fair justice.  Unfortunately, we now have a system, throughout the UK, where only deep pockets buy equality of fairness. Courts supply a voicing of grievances, highlighting the process of legal speak which most find bewildering. More bewildering sometimes are those chosen by their peers to judge the courts, with their wigs and gowns, high office can open many doors.  While the rest of us sit outside looking in. TheRead More →

I came across the post from radio Scotland this morning about how would you like a safe consumption room in your neighbourhood. I then read some of the comments. This made me think. When I was young and first involved in politics, you had to go along to meetings to get involved. You were perfectly able to view your opinion, but this would be debated by the room. There may or may not have been a conclusion. If it was an important subject that would be put to National Council or a Conference for debate and voting, the branch or constituency would invite knowledgeable people along toRead More →