Ma freen wis a big shoat gowfer Noo fawin doon tae an auld loafer Wha cam tae Bute tae retire the green Whaur he’d won the Bennie at seeventeen. Waaker Cup an Scottish Champ, Noo he shuffles aboot like ony tramp Wance he bate the Inglish, ten nane They looed the pro wha recitet poems fur thaim. Lit up their  wunnerfu lives at kenspeckle dinners An made them aw feel like gowfin winners. How borin, tae live yer lives Wi ten caurs up yer castle drive A bank o yer ain and fower ‘wives’!   But when he cam here, did he get askedRead More →

My interpretation of what I heard of Theresa May’s speech is this. You will be proud to be a backward looking failed British Empire. You will do as we tell you. We will shut our door to our European neighbours and be most unwelcoming to people from other lands. No matter how we treat others they will be glad to trade with us as we know we are the superior Nation. In the Great British Empire days we traipsed around the world riding rough shod over other countries. We told them how to live and to worship. We enslaved them and shipped them to farRead More →

As there have been a few weeks of no positive news from Scotland I have decided to share some of the things that are happening here with links to the full stories.   New hospitals and health centres due to open in 2017-18 Nearly £500 million of new healthcare facilities, including two new hospital buildings, are expected to open to patients in 2017-18. Funded through Scottish Government investment, these new NHS and local council facilities will provide patients across Scotland with treatment in purpose-built, 21st century settings. Ms Robison said: “As we enter a new year, it seems apt to reflect on the significant progress madeRead More →

As we head into 2017 with the half of the media rabbiting on about how much of a triumph we are going to have in May. The other half of the media keep up the recurring theme of the SNP poll figures are about to collapse. There are only two things we can be sure about. One is that the polling industry got it so badly wrong in so many cases in 2016. From the Scottish Elections through the Tory civil war which became Brexit to America failing the collective IQ test. They predicted, pontificated and pronounced to all and sundry; and they got itRead More →