So goes the old song.  There has been nothing “easy” about living through this past summer after the result of the Referendum on June the 23rd.  To watch the Tories at play in Westminster you might well think nothing much has happened!  In spite of the damage they caused with their “jolly wheeze” of  the Referendum – the great Tory Roadshow continues on its merry way –  checked solely by the magnificent SNP Group at Westminster. It seems that the sainted Theresa – she who reluctantly stepped up to the plate to aid her Country in time of crisis, is not quite so selfless asRead More →

The First Minister visited the Nigg Energy Park in the constituency recently and saw the turbines that are bound for the world’s first large scale tidal wind farm. This will also be sited in the Far North; the MeyGen project, a forerunner in marine renewables, will change the way they are viewed around the world. Generating reliable, sustainable and clean energy for the consumer it will also add nearly £300 million to Scotland’s economy as well as providing employment, training opportunities and research developments which will be of global benefit. Work will begin on the placing of the first giant underwater turbines within the nextRead More →

“When the facts change, I change my mind, what do you do Sir?” John Maynard Keynes is reported to have said.   Let’s just recall the feelings on the morning of September 19 2014. Despair, depression and dejection were the high points as I came to terms with what had happened on the day to be forever known as Black Thursday, I wanted to chuck it all in, move to Spain and live out my remaining years without another canvass pack or leaflet run. Ever. In the following days, tens of thousands of people changed their minds. Some had been out campaigning for a YESRead More →

The day had come. I had waited 43 years to see this play. Being 13 at the time I was just too young to go see it. It had a lot to live up to. I had heard about it over the years from many who had seen it on the very first tour. I was attending this updated production with my other half who had seen the original production at an S.N.P. conference. Many of the then upcoming actors in the production had gone on to be well known quality actors. Could this new production live up to what had become an iconic memory?Read More →

The above is an amalgam of two Latin phrases I cobbled up in an idle moment.  Status Quo is “as things were before”, and Quo Vadis is “Whither goest thou?” Sums up Westminster.   Well at least we know where Scotland should be going; Nicola has challenged Party members to start canvassing support for another Independence Referendum.  The Unionists and their media pals – we don’t have many- are carping away about how the Summer Independence campaign has becoming the Autumn one.  It wasn’t a great summer, weatherwise, but we managed to convincingly win another Scottish Parliamentary Election, that’s three in a row, plus theRead More →

The United Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had an advisory referendum in June on whether to leave the European Union. 51.89% of the public who bothered to vote, did so to leave. 48.11% of these voters wanted to remain. This meant that the government were going to remove us from the European Union on a vote with a majority of 3.78%. In my book that is hardly a decisive majority. I would say it was too close to call! So we all panicked. Argued over what it was going to mean to our different sections of society. Scotland’s First Minister immediately startedRead More →