This week the Scottish Parliament had the opportunity to debate the UK Government’s Trade Union Bill for the first time.  This followed exceptional scrutiny of the Bill by the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee under the stewardship of Bruce Crawford MSP.  The Committee report included some startling conclusions. (  “We conclude that there is clear and widespread opposition to this legislation in Scotland. The Scottish Government do not believe that the UK Trade Union Bill will bring any benefit to the people of Scotland and instead, will have a negative impact on Scottish public authorities, trade unions and the delivery of public services in Scotland. ItRead More →

‘Schools for the Future Programme’ – funding for new schools On Monday 25th January, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announced that more than 6,500 pupils are set to benefit from the construction of 19 new schools across Scotland which will be completed by 2020. The SNP Scottish Government is investing £230 million pounds as part of the final phase of the ‘Schools for the Future’ programme. Total investment in the programme is £1.8 billion and the overall number of schools being delivered through it is 112. This is more than double the SNP Scottish Government’s original target of 55. Since 2007, the SNP Scottish Government hasRead More →

In the week that we celebrate the birth of Scotland’s most famous poet, the words of “Caledonia – A Ballad” have often been at the front of my mind. “Thus bold, independent, unconquered and free, her bright course of glory for ever shall run, For brave Caledonia immortal must be.” Many of his poems sum up the beauty and the character of Scotland but to me, this one sums up what is yet to come as well as lament what has been lost; respect the past but welcome the potential of the future. There were many times in the run up to the Referendum whenRead More →

So at the end of last year I was looking on the web , as you do , and an event caught my attention – the SNP will host it’s first ever conference specifically for Disabled Members, so I contacted them to see if I could get involved in any way. They asked me if I would like to do a workshop and I said yes , I am co-running the workshop with my good friend Fran Macilvey, an author and public speaker from Edinburgh. Fran, like myself, was born with Cerebral Palsy and has shared her life experiences in her autobiography “Trapped- My LifeRead More →

As the Festive Season falls away into memory, thoughts start to turn to the forthcoming campaign season once again. The Campaign Committees have been pulled together, draft plans and timings are the topic of much heated discussions and the polls continue to look good for May 2016. Happy days would seem to lie ahead. But for those of us who are fortunate enough to be in Local Government, it’s a bit early to put the hangover cures away because we now have to start wrestling with three major issues. We are firmly between the budget cuts rock and the hard place of reducing services. TheRead More →

Some of our older readers may remember a time when the Scots Independent premises were manned by an employee who made sure all subscribers and distributors got their newspapers. This slick operation was carried out by Robert (Bob) Campbell who was also well known for his excellent organisation of The Bannockburn Rally. It is with sadness that we pass on the news from his family that Robert passed away on Saturday 2nd January 2016. He will be missed by many. Funeral service is at St Ninian’s Old Parish Church, Stirling on Friday 15th January 2016 at 11 a.m., thereafter to Logie Cemetery. All family andRead More →

I have finally had enough. In the paper today it is announced that yet another SNP MP is being investigated because someone has made a complaint to the Westminster standards commissioner. Does nobody mention that there are many people being looked at by the standards commissioner from all parties? Might have something to do with the archaic system they have. If the paper work is written in the same ancient language as their practises then is it any wonder they need someone to guide those filling up the forms. It seems the left hand side of the first page of the Herald is kept solelyRead More →

At the start of the year we bring you an article by Iain Lawson. Many of you will know him. He explains who he is if the first part of the piece. I write this in the last few days of 2015 which has been a brilliant year for those of us who support Independence. We deserved it after the enormous disappointment of the referendum where despite a great campaign and the conversion of hundreds of thousands of our fellow Scots to Independence, we narrowly failed to win. Unionists I am sure hoped that was the end of it but as we all know nowRead More →