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Written by Professor Gordon Donaldson

For anyone with an interest in Scottish history, but without convenient access to source material, this book is a valuable and informative collection of important references spanning some 1,000 years in the country’s history. It also serves as an invaluable teaching aid and research tool in Scottish history classes at university and sixth year in school.

Commencing with extracts from Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the early eight century and concluding in 1707 with the Articles of Union, all major documents are included. These range from the more famous, such as the Letter of Barons of Scotland to Pope John XX!! of 1320 (also known as the Declaration of Arbroath) to the less well known such as the Statutes of Iona of 1609.

In total some 242 documents are covered which deal with all the aspects of Scottish life.

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