Commenting on the appointment of David Mundell as Secretary of State for Scotland, SNP MP Pete Wishart said:

“The Tories’ share of the vote in Scotland at the General Election – at under 15 per cent – was the lowest they have ever had, while the SNP achieved 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats. The days of business as usual are over, so it is a pity that David Cameron did not take the opportunity to scrap the post-devolution anomaly that is the Scotland Office, and invest the £7 million that is spent on it on public services instead.

“David Mundell is the sole representative of a party that was rejected by Scotland in record numbers. It is vital that he respects the mandate of the people of Scotland, expressed so decisively last Thursday.

“Scotland voted for a manifesto to end austerity, for more powers for Scotland and against the Tories’ planned welfare cuts – and the UK government simply cannot ignore that.”